Recently as I walked out the back door to take the Wonder Dog for his morning walk, I was startled to find I had not dead bolted the back door. As I walked into the garage, I discovered I also failed to put the garage door down last night.  This is very unusual for me as I have a nightly routine which includes locking all the doors and putting down the garage door.  My thoughts were distracted at bedtime and though I am certain I locked the two doors I can see from my throne in the living area, I failed to secure the all important back door.  Not only was I open to invasion, but I had invited the invader to enter through the unseen back door.  You see the garage door and back door are not visible from the street.  Someone could have walked down the drive, and been in the garage and house before anyone was aware there was danger lurking.  

Being raised a country girl and with two brothers, I have never been a "Fraidy Cat".  LONG ago I learned to conquer those fears of break ins, home invasions, and all sorts of badness from potentially lurking bad guys.  I do lock my doors at night and take precautions, but I really never think about the possibility of being vulnerable.  I went to bed that night, took my melatonin and slept the fitful sleep of advanced (see I did not use the O word) age.  I count on the fact that my light sleeping habits and one ear always open will make me aware of any break in.  Since I have been wearing my fitbit and tracking not only my activity, but also my sleep, I have become aware that I only sleep less than 30 minutes a night of deep sleep.  This opens a thirty minute window when someone could have gotten in the welcoming open back door, been in the house, and robbed me blind or worse.  I left the back door open to the potential of danger.

Our personal safety often depends upon our vigilant awareness of our surroundings and taking the proper precautions.  I invited trouble when I forgot to check the locks.  Obviously, I survived my dropped guard, but I left the door open to danger.  An open invitation for an attack upon my life.

So it is with our spiritual lives, we are told to be on guard and vigilant for potential attacks. We all know one of his favorite tactics is to come at you the back way.  A sneak attack leaves us reeling from the surprise.  Do not leave the back door open by neglecting to safeguard your heart.  Stay in The Word, Diligently Pray, and Claim His Promises.  Do not invite attack, instead keep your spiritual guard up and always be aware of the danger lurking waiting for you to put your guard down.  Do not issue an invitation for invasion, keep your backdoor locked.

Watch over your heart with all diligence
Proverbs 4:23


  1. Yes, the evil one is a sneak, and will try to slip in when least expected. I'm keeping the doors of my heart locked to the deceiver, but open to my Lord and my God.
    Blessings, Lulu, and make sure you lock those doors in the future!

    1. Yes, Martha, the doors are once again locked for those who intend evil, but wide open for those who come in love.

  2. It's an interesting balance we're called to as believers ... to be vigilant, yet to trust and rest completely and wholly.

  3. Yes, exactly. We are warned in The Word of our lurking enemy and all we need do is call upon God for our defense. When we are caught by surprise, do we remember that?
    Blessings, My Friend!


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