I have a dear - sweet - precious and any other wonderful superlative you can think of -friend with whom I have spent many an hour discussing God's goodness and blessings.  Can I tell you how insensitive it can be when you are constantly bombarded by others sharing how greatly God has blessed them?  I have talked until I was blue in the face, but it does not lessen the sting of her wondering why her life does not look like the fairy tale that some present as their reality.

No matter how many times I tell her only a part of the facts are being shared, she struggles with each and every pronouncement of how greatly God is blessing others.  "I am so blessed, _____________(fill in the blank)."  Of course the blank is always filled with the good times, never the hard times.  We both agree God has blessed us, but there are some who would lead you to believe God blesses them all the time with GREAT things.  I believe that is called a partial truth.

There is a sweet young family here in Ruston who have recently adopted a teen from China.  It has been quite a story since their quiver was pretty much full, but they felt God calling them to make this step.  The mother has shared the tale on social media.  What I especially admire about her sharing is the honesty of the reporting.  It has not all been easy and she is up front about this detail.  She is not only reporting the sweet and good, but is also admitting the hard and trying. 

One of the problems with social media is the ability to report only what we care to share.  There are those who will tell you no one wants to hear the negative, but I dare to disagree.  What I want to hear is the good and the bad and God's presence in it all.  Then I will applaud your willingness to share how God has blessed you--even when the world seemed dismal.

My greatest influence has been my willingness to share how God has blessed me with His faithful presence and sustaining comfort on the darkest of days.  Certainly you enjoy seeing my precious grands and hearing about my crazy adventures, but what will you take to the bank and save for your rainy days?  My story of God's incredible goodness and blessings in the midst of what most would consider the darkest of days.  When bad things happen, and they will, you will remember there are others who have pointed you to the way to live with the really-really hard.
Yes, God is good ---God never changes---and one of His attributes is His goodness.  That does not mean He is a fairy godfather.  It does mean He will be there in the good---but especially in the bad.  God has blessed me--He has blessed me with the assurance of His character.  He is Who He says He is, and that is more than enough.

"You are good, and what you do is good; teach me your decrees
Psalm 119:68


Your comments keep my writing and often cause me to think. A written form of a hug or a pat on the back and an occasional slap into reality---I treasure them all!