We have a varmint on the loose in the hood.  A week ago he was spotted up the small tree at the end of my drive as small group dismissed.  He is OBVIOUSLY not very smart since it also was pouring rain. (It has been pouring rain a LOT here in Louisiana)  What the critter does not know is my prowess at "varmint hunting".  Go HERE for proof of my hunting skills and a REALLY good laugh on me!  This guy does not know I am not very patient with varmints invading my territory.  UNFORTUNATELY, they frown upon you shooting a gun in the city limits, so my hunting will have to become trapping.

I posted on The Hood Facebook page to warn the neighbors we had a problem.  I had some interesting comments, including "A 22 rifle does not make much noise".  Many of my neighbors are "Good Old Country Boys" and would not bat an eye at me "going hunting" in their back yard.  Since I have been known to shoot the house (quite by mistake) during my hunting days, I will refrain from shooting in the tight quarters of living "in town".  

There are those who think these critters are "cute".  LOOK at that picture--is there ONE THING cute about that snarling devil?  As for my "Dillo Hunting" days, I must admit I miss the fun of conquering those ugly armored muddle
cuffs.  I live in the very middle of The Hood and they don't come my way--thankfully.

There are varmints all around us, we are surrounded by woods.  I have learned to live peacefully with those who do no harm and go after those which pose a threat.  The trick is in recognizing which is which.  Wolves are beautiful animals, but it would not be very smart to try and pet one.  Our bear encounters on our hiking trips have always left us amazed at the enormous size of those beasts.  We do not stick around for selfies, (except for one who laughs in the face of danger) when we spot one of the dangerous animals.  Oh and then there was the time we saw the moose and her calf.  Such a cute calf, but mama becomes a lethal weapon if you dare approach.

There are also some two legged varmints on the loose, and they are all around also.  Some are intent on evil and place little value on life.  Others sneak up and attack us when we are least expecting it.  Having learned to trust them, we are caught unaware and reeling when they attack.  Their weapon of choice is words.  Cutting, hurting, painful, attacking words meant to take us out without ever throwing a punch, but just as effective at taking us out of the game.  I seem to remember The Word speaking of staying away from those intent upon evil.  Evil is not always physical harm, but harm by tongue.  Evil abounds in this world, but good always overcomes.  Until the day of the final victory, be careful of the company you keep.

1 Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers
Psalm 1:1


  1. Once again, Lulu, a fantastic analogy! Yes, be very wary of those two-legged varmints intent upon robbing us of our inner peace.
    Blessings, my friend, and enjoy your weekend!

    1. You enjoy your weekend, My Friend!
      Blessings, My Friend!


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