There is ALWAYS one who gobbles up life with gusto in every family!  This one~

captured his personality perfectly in this selfie.

He came strolling through the kitchen at around 9:00 AM Easter morning with only one ear left on his recently acquired chocolate Easter Bunny.  He conveniently forgot to ask permission to eat an entire chocolate bunny for breakfast.  The first one in the pool, the one who became stuck while climbing the fireplace wall, the one who bears keeping an eye on at all times--he is not leaving anything untried.  No fear and always open to a dare, he jumps in the deep end first with no hesitation.  He is going to enjoy life to the utmost and never back down when challenged.  He does not know the meaning of fear.

Yesterday's post on giving it all to God brought a comment which set the wheels to turning.  Why don't we give it all?  My response was we fear the unknown and will chose the known path--even when we know it is stinky --rather than take the risk of the path we have not traveled before.  Fear is a powerful motivator and can cause us to miss some of the best moments if we do not conquer it.

My hiking trips have morphed into tales of avoiding danger when possible.  I am fearful of breaking a bone ~which would be life changing at this point.  This causes me to miss some of the summits, hesitate on the rock strewn trail, and generally avoid risky treks.  I am cautious to a fault and carefully pick my steps to avoid falling.

The spirit of fear has become an hindrance to going for the gusto.  I am missing some of the best out of an abundance of caution for fear of what might happen.
God does not want us to live in fear.  What might happen around the bend can cause such paralysis that I become frozen and unwilling to even glance around the corner.  He has taught me through experience, than even when the worst happens, I can keep moving forward.  Fear, in many cases, is worse than what we fear happening.  

I fell and sprained my ankle while hiking in the Grand Canyon.  I would have never seen some of the beauty I experienced if I had stayed in camp and not taken the hike because of fear of injury.  I was injured, but that did not take away from what I saw that day.  The injury healed and the memory of the grandeur was a wonderful reward for conquering the fear.

So leave the fear behind of giving Him it all.  Live life to the fullest in His care.  His plan may not be my plan--but it is always the best plan.  Cast your fears upon Him and live life abundantly--to the fullest--in His presence.

“He will never leave you nor forsake you.
Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”
Deuteronomy 31:8


  1. Love the selfie of the fearless one! Yes, I can tell that little guy is a handful, and you all are blessed to have him, Lulu.
    And let us set aside our fears, trusting fully in God's love, grace and protection.

    1. He is a bundle of joy, Martha, and I am blessed! Yes, we need to recognize where our fears come from!
      Blessings, My Friend!

  2. Oh, be safe, friend, as you explore, and hike, and enjoy God's creation! I know you'll have stories to tell ... and maybe some chocolate to share?!


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