The floor project is FINALLY drawing to a close this week.  Remodeling is always NO FUN!  Trying to live in and around your house being updated is a bad dream of chaos!  Once I saw the floor in, it quickly became apparent the baseboards needed painting.  The effect of the nice new floor was quickly diminished when you are staring at nicked and dingy baseboards.  Deciding I could do this myself, I began by painting those baseboard which will have large pieces of furniture in front of them.  Immediately I saw how this accentuated and framed the new floor.

The crown molding and baseboards create a frame for the wall and are the finishing touch to a well built house in my mind.  I always looked at the molding when I was searching for a home.

The baseboards can range from the plain, such as the ones in my house or the elaborate such as the one above.  My crown moldings are much more elaborate which draws the eye up and makes your ceilings look higher.  A creative trick of the eye to provide the finishing detail of a room.

Walls with no moldings are considered to be more contemporary.  The look is supposed to be cleaner and more simple.  The downside is the finishing of the walls and flooring has to be done correctly and errors will be glaringly apparent.

SO--where could I possibly be going with this?  What frames us and what kind of shape is our frame in?  Back to the armor of God~are our shoes of peace and helmet of salvation bright and shiny?  Do we have dents and dings in our helmet and scuffs on our shoes?  Have we bothered to take care of the armor God has given us?  

My mother was always after us to shine our shoes everyday.  You could walk out the door in a brand new outfit and everyone miss the new duds for looking at your scuffed shoes.  If your hat is dirty and your shoes are scuffed, the outfit will be missed.  The frame is an indication of the integrity of the whole.

SO--take care of your armor.  Shine it daily with the truth of the Gospel.  Anything which is important to us, we will care for.  Our shoes and helmet frame our character~so don't walk out the door without tending to your frame--through time in The Word and in prayer.  Frame yourself with the purity of the Gospel and the love of Christ will shine through out the whole.

Do all this in prayer,
asking for God's help.
Pray on every occasion,
as the Spirit leads.
For this reason keep alert 
and never give up.
Ephesians 6:18


Your comments keep my writing and often cause me to think. A written form of a hug or a pat on the back and an occasional slap into reality---I treasure them all!