If I EVER figure out how my brain works, it will be a miracle.  There is never a direct route from A to B.  Instead I head off in one direction and take detours, pig trails, and wrong turns over and over.   A straight line is for those who enjoy using rulers--I prefer tape measures.  The tape will bend, twist, and turn on the way to the point to be measured--a ruler---a boring straight line!  The ultimate outcome is a blog, but how I manage to get there is a complete a mystery of navigation.

I often listen to sermons while traveling alone.  As I returned from Fort Worth, I found Dr. Robert Jefferies on KLOV.  His topic was one of the seven essentials for being a disciple.  Prayer was number two on the list and the topic of today's message.  HOW did I get from prayer to love letters?  Let me try and explain.

One of the pointers Dr J gave was writing your prayers.  As I began to mull that over, I realized I often write my prayers~after all~obviously I tend to do a lot of thinking when I write.  Somehow I went back in time and thought about the love letters I have written and received over a life time.  From there I began humming this song, from my past~

Stay with me here~ I tend to be a master at loose association.  As I strolled down Memory Lane, I remembered all those notes written in school that were passed to the latest boyfriend.  A precursor to love letters, these are the innocent notes from early childhood.  It is especially humorous to remember those notes passed  for your benefit.  An innocent third party will write a note to the object of your interest~

something like---X likes you--check the box YES o NO o if you like her.  

Sophisticated!  Actually this was the original dating software!  We were ahead of our times!  At any rate, before love letters came notes.

THEN you were older and wiser~more mature!  This led to the simple form of love letters.  Declaring your undying love and promising to follow X to the ends of the earth.  Sadly words were carelessly thrown around and those letters you wished you could get back are now in the hands of the object of your temporary "Like".  I remember letters being returned in one case as a sign of the FINAL breakup!

Finally along comes the person of your dreams.  Those love letters were keepers!  You poured out your heart not only verbally, but also committed it to paper.  You were communicating all your secrets, hopes, desires for your relationship.  Promising eternal love and faithfulness, you gave away a piece of your heart with each and every letter.  With each letter, you revealed more of yourself, and communicated at a deep level who you were and your hopes for the relationship.

NOW, circle back with me to written prayers.  They are the epitome of love letters to the One who loves you best.  The One who is faithful.  As you write letter after letter, you begin to open up and reveal Who you are.  You are lead to compare the fact of who you are with who God wants you to be.  Your heart is softened and slowly molded as you write letter after letter to Your love.

Dr J is absolutely correct, prayer is essential to your relationship with God.  What kind of earthly relationship could you have if you did not communicate?  The more communication~the deeper the relationship is a certainty.  Without open and honest communication, a relationship will become distant and strained.  If you love someone, you relish and desire the two way communication.  When we sit and write our prayers, they become love letters from our deepest soul.  AND He has written us a wonderful, intimate, personal love letter.  It bears reading and rereading over and over as we grow to know Him and learn to love Him deeper and deeper.  "Love letters straight from my heart."

Be persistent and devoted to prayer,
being alert and focused in your prayer life
with an attitude of thanksgiving.
Colossians 4:2 (AMP)


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    1. Smiling right back at you!
      Blessings, My Friend!

  2. You've talked me into it, Lulu . . . I MUST start writing out my love-letter prayers to my Father, not just saying them, although that's important, too! Thanks for the insight and inspiration, my friend.

    1. I found myself repeating the same things when I verbally pray, but writing adds a new layer to the conversation. I think writers especially will find it rewarding!
      Blessings, My Friend!


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