Life is filled with markers.  I love those historical markers you see along the highways and byways.  A good friend recently posted a picture of their visit to this historical marker in adjoining Bienville Parish~

Bruther Len and Beautiful Cindi from Indie visited the site the Fearsome Duo of Bonnie and Clyde were killed on the anniversary of their date with destiny.  This site is NOT easy to find.  Hidden on the back roads, you have to be looking for it to find it, and even then it is easy to get lost on the way.

You do remember the adventure trip last year on the Third of June---a dusty delta day~

The bridge over the Tallahatchie River made famous by Bobbie Gentry's ballad about Billy Joe McCallister's swan dive into Southern Country fame.

And then there are those markers which signify someone has gone on before us.   We see cemeteries filled with these markers and sometimes find ourselves silently standing in utter disbelief that our loved one is no longer here.

When Lot's wife turned back, looking with longing for the life she had known in Sodom, she became a marker in the desert.  A reminder of how our hearts can become enamored with things of this world or the life we once had.  Entrusting our present and future to Jesus becomes difficult when we become stuck in the past.  We become a marker denoting the day we stopped moving forward and became stuck in the "If Only".  

What a beautiful gift our past can be.  Remembering with thankfulness all that has been is God honoring.  BUT--He has given us today--and perhaps many more tomorrows.  It is our choice to make the most of the gift of the time we have been given or become a marker denoting What Life Could Have Been---IF ONLY~ we had chosen to continue to trust Jesus.  Refusing to become a marker and continuing down the trek, we are honoring God and trusting His plans for us-a plan of hope.  Our history is important, but what is most important is the present--and how we use the gift of today.

There is surely a future hope for you,
and your hope will not be cut off.
Proverbs 23:18



  1. Yes, it's great to remember the past, but not to dwell in it. We have today to live to the fullest!
    Blessings, Lulu!


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