Good manners are only second to the Ten Commandments by a hair here in the South.  My mother and my great Aunt Lora were on a mission to be certain I understood The ABC's of Emily Post from my earliest memory.  

One of the rules was never arrive as an invited guest with empty hands.  Any invite always comes with the question, "What can I bring?"  Now this can backfire on you, since some are on a mission to have everything surround a theme.  In that case, a simple gift is a nice gesture.

Recently I walked into a volunteer meeting with my hands full.  It occurred to me what a beautiful gesture it is to arrive with hands filled.  I simply handed over the offering with a request to pass it on.  With the transaction over my hands are now empty, but my heart is full.  

As I thought all of this over, I remembered at times in worship, I find my hands palms up.  Empty hands.  What does this signify?  I looked up what the WWW had to say about palms up and found this

A gesture made with the opened palm raised to an appealing, imploring, or "begging" position. Usage: Uplifted palms suggest a vulnerable or nonaggressive pose that appeals to listeners as allies rather than as rivals or foes. Throughout the world,palm-up cues reflect moods of congeniality, humility, and uncertainty.

What a beautiful reflection of what this simple act of worship signifies.  I am admitting to God I am vulnerable, coming to Him in humility and appealing to Him to see my acknowledgement of Who He is.

I love to walk in any door with my hands full, but even more beautiful is my hands empty and my heart filled as only God can do.   We can NEVER out give God!

“Give, and it will be given to you.
 They will pour into your lap a good measure—
pressed down, shaken together, and running over.
 For by your standard of measure
 it will be measured to you in return” 
Luke 6:38

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  1. I find myself doing this often during worship, Lulu, simply opening my hands, palm up, ready to receive whatever God has in store for me. After all, we are empty until He fills us.


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