I read a post this morning from a mother of a 10 year old who was addicted to his cell phone and all the wonders it entails.  OF COURSE, this set off a boiling and churning of the gray matter!  NOW, before I launch into my missive, I am NOT a social scientist, I have NO credentials, and there has not even been a poll done (scientific or not).  These are ALL my thoughts, my opinions, and my take away's.  Hit the delete button or read on---I will never know which you chose and to be perfectly honest, I had rather not know.  Rejection is TOUGH!

Before you start slamming me, I admit to my addiction.  I have this blog, I have a facebook account, twitter and instangram accounts (although I seldom use them) and even have a Linkedin account~which of course are all on my phone and computer.  We have morphed into a digital world.

As all this rolled around, I wondered why we have chosen to communicate via cell, text, and emails instead of face to face.  Although there is certainly a huge convenience factor in these methods, there is sadly a lack of human contact and interaction.  I have often stated, you have no idea the inflection, tone, or volume of a voice on the written page.  The only time I am able to really judge (and truthfully not sure it's a fair call) is when someone sends all CAPS in a message.  I always interpret that as yelling.

What would cause us to text our friends~even in conversation?  It has helped to have a group text or email when I am trying to convey the same message to a number of people.  This CAN blow up in your face when the comments start flying back and forth which have nothing to do with you.  One friend is very adamant about not being included in these text streams.  Strangely she is also the friend who gets the most texts from varied senders.

ANYWAY, I did come up with a conclusion, AND before you jump on me--I AM GUILTY AS CHARGED!  We may have lost faith in our fellow man.  Face to face conversation is NOT always easy.  We all have dealt with verbal bullies, you can't get a word in edgewise and they continue to get louder until you feel like you are being yelled at.  NO THANK YOU!  Survived enough of that in my life to know I do NOT want to go there.  Although we all have a deep need for relationships and interaction, it is not always an easy row to hoe.  It is easier to text someone where you feel in control, than to sit and discuss a matter.  We CAN walk away from a text by merely turning the phone off.  Face to face discussions are not so easy.  One huge downside of social media is the loss of civility toward one another.  We can no longer calmly disagree and take it as a personal affront when someone happens to be on the opposite side of an issue.  Violent disagreement is encouraged and often applauded when we have the wall of the WWW between us.  It begs to wonder~has this contributed to the upswing in violence in our world?

SO, we have slowly morphed into a digital society.  Walk in any room and tell me what percentage of the people are on their phones.  Why even when traveling, instead of looking at beautiful scenery, we are staring at our screens.  While on our last trip, we had a few days in the wilderness with NO cell service.  I must admit, I enjoyed being unplugged.  The down side of cells is you are always accessible--any place, any time--24/7.  Am I the only one who turns their phone off at night?  I have enough problems sleeping without the phone dinging all hours!

SO have we all become addicted to our cell phones?  I have decided to begin taking one day a week free from looking at social media.  If I want human contact, I will have to seek someone out.  NOW, I will take calls -NOT FROM TELEMARKETERS and make calls--how else can I invite you over?  BUT Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, and Linked in are off limits.  I will not even look at my email.  SURELY it can all wait one day!  AND---I plan to spend that time seeking more face to face time and deepening relationships, enjoying the beauty of God's creation, and who knows maybe even inviting you over for dinner.  Are you up to the challenge--can you unplug one day a week?  Think it over!!

Honor all people, love the brotherhood, fear God, honor the king.
I Peter 2:17


  1. I have unplugged in the past, Lulu, and actually gave up Facebook for Lent in 2017. Since then, I've used that platform less and less, mostly to post my blog and read those of others. The phone is more difficult. I HATE letting my emails pile up, and like to address them promptly if I can. However, taking one day a week free from the internet sounds so inviting. I may join you!

    1. Why not Sunday?? We are already deeply engaged with The Lord- so why not spend the entire day abstaining?
      Blessings, My Friend!

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