As most of you know, I just spent a week touring Big Bend and various sites to and fro with one of the grands.

Here we are in a ghost town cemetery in Terlingua just outside of Big Bend.  As we walked around the cemetery, I noted how many children died at such an early age.  Of course this was 100 years ago, and antibiotics, as we know them today, did not exist.  Any illness was a threat to your life.  The town was in the midst of a boom-mining was making many rich.  With the boom, came the people.  In the midst of it all, illness strikes and many saw their final day on this side of Eternity.  Prosperity came and prosperity went--but life goes on.

I, like many of you, have socially isolated myself.  I love people, but am also an introvert, so being alone does not cause great distress.  I miss my friends, miss the children at school, and miss the ladies in both of my community groups, but I am more than able to fill the hours in each day.  Also I have been reminded of quite a few "In the midst" truths~~~~

In the midst of distancing myself from others, ( I am in the "vulnerable" group as my children delight in reminding me), there are ways I can help those most affected.  Writing a check comes to mind-there are MANY organizations who are helping and would love for you to contribute.  Let's not forget how many are profoundly impacted by loss of income and do what we can to help.  Writing a note~to those who are feeling the isolation and sometimes are truly alone.  Make a call or better facetime to keep in touch with your loved ones.  Social isolation means no face to face contact--there are other ways to stay in touch.

In the midst~practice your hobbies, read a book or several books, complete a puzzle, weed your flower bed, and I am even deep cleaning my home.  Keep busy with that list of those things you have put off.  Why you could even start a blog or begin your great novel you have been stewing on for decades.  I have begun to learn how to draw.  I have always laughed and said I flunked coloring in first grade and its been down hill since then.  Low and behold, it turns out I might actually enjoy drawing.

In the midst~think, ponder, and contemplate great truths, life's puzzles, or any other subject you have never had the time to really consider.

In the midst~enjoy your family (those isolated with you), play games with them, watch movies (via wi-fi) with them, work on home projects together, and most important talk to each other.  In our fast paced world, we have forgotten how to enjoy each other---take time to remember.

In the midst~rest & relax.  I am probably the most rested I have been in my entire life.  I go to bed at my same time and sleep 8 hours-a deep restoring sleep.  There is nothing we can do to change things--so accept them and make the most of the time.  Chill as my kids would say.

In the midst~remember--This too shall pass--there are lessons to be learned from this---consider what God is showing you.  Perhaps I will even get back to blogging with all this time on my hands.  I have missed my cyber friends!

In the midst~BUT GOD!  God is still here---He is not surprised by all of this---His Word rings true---spend time everyday in it and above ALL PRAY--PRAY---PRAY!

I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress,
    my God, in whom I trust.”
Psalms 91:2


  1. What wonderful advice for all of us in these trying times, Lulu. We are doing so many of these things as we hunker down here at the Orlando Compound. And I do love your drawings!!! Think you have a talent well worth developing.

    1. Martha, you can learn anything on YOUTUBE! Deep cleaning again today. My house will be spotless before this is over!
      Blessings, My Friend!


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