Returning from a road trip to Big Bend with Grand #4, I was met with the harsh reality of a world turned upside down.  As I dropped him off at his home, I was told his entire family had the virus while we were gone and his dad was still really sick.  #1 Daughter advised it was not a good idea for me to come inside.  (They all recovered, but Dr SIL was down 3 weeks). Instead of spending the night with his family, I drove four plus more hours headed home and my bed.  March 13 was the beginning of a new and unfamiliar life.

As the days began to stretch out before me and with stay at home orders in place, I began to search for my new normal.  Silly me---there is no normal except the setting on the dryer!  

In the beginning, I was convinced I should carry on as close to usual as possible.  After my morning walk, I would dress, put on my make up (War Paint), try to get my hair to cooperate, and don clothing--sans pre -lock down wear.  I can be slow, but it did finally dawn upon me, I didn't really have to wear something that would require ironing if I was seeing no one.  So the first thing to happen was I started wearing my dri-fit exercise clothing all day.  

LADIES---what is NOT to like about this?  Expando-matic waist, soft material, and we will not even go to the advantages of sports bras!  If you know me well at all, you KNOW I feel as if I was born to dress this way.  

The next thing which bit the dust was make up.  WHY would I spend one minute of time putting on make up when I was not seeing anyone?  Why I even got truly adapt at avoiding my reflection in the mirror.  So what if I have age spots, wrinkles, and a definite droop going on?  Who was I seeing that needed to be impressed?  AND added incentive--IF YOU DO GO OUT--You wear a mask!  WHO WOULD KNOW I had no make up on?  In fact there was a good possibility I would not be recognized at all.  TRULY INCOGNITO!

As for the hair, you DO remember there were NO trips to the salon for a period of time.  After noticing I now had tri colored hair and NOT from foil color treatment, I had an inch gray, an inch brown, and the rest faded brassy gold.  LOVELY!  I ordered three hats---problem solved.  I started washing my hair, letting it dry naturally and donning the day's hat.

AT last, I was stripped down to the real me.  Freeing is an understatement!  My new beauty routine consisted of a shower and a slathering of moisturizer all over-END OF ROUTINE!  Slowly I became brave enough to look in the mirror and discovered to my amazement, it wasn't really all that bad.  While working in the yard, I had a nice farmer's tan going on, and who knew I actually have a little natural curl in my hair if I leave it alone.  It was a return to the innocence of childhood and the carefree notion that what you wear and how you dress is not of greatest importance.  My greatest concern in those lovely days of my youth was WHO will I play with today?

I discovered as I passed the neighborhood walkers--no one really cares if I am made up and pulled tight.  Slowly it dawns on me it is more important the words I use to greet a neighbor than how I look when I speak those words.  

When all is said and done, it's what is said and done that matters--NOT how I looked.  NO the quarantine has not been easy, but I am learning important lessons about Who God says I am and trying to leave behind Who the world thinks I should be.  OH, I have been back to the hair salon, occasionally I put on make up, and I have even donned those "real world" clothes a few times.  BUT hopefully, I am more focused on what you are saying and how I am responding, what you might need me to pray for you, and how I might be a good neighbor than my reflection in the mirror. This proverb says it best~


  1. No make-up has been part of my routine since this whole thing started, Lulu, and it IS freeing, to say the least. Like you, I've gotten used to seeing my naked face in the mirror, and it doesn't scare me anymore! LOL! I have to admit that I'd sure like to get my hair cut/highligted. Haven't been to my hairdresser since January!!! With Danny's heart issues, I can't even begin to imagine when that will happen. Lucky for him, we have clippers, so his hair is staying trimmed up. My hair hasn't been this long since I was in my mid forties!
    And yes, through all of this, God has taught me some great lessons, some of which I'm still learning, and it sounds like He's done the same for you, my friend.

    1. ABSOLUTELY! Thanking Him that He NEVER gives up on me and still thinks I am teachable.
      Blessings to you, My Friend!


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