I have recently returned from helping #1 Daughter move.  With a growing family (size wise NOT numbers), they were stuffed like sardines in the old house and desperately needed room.  Being an old pro at moving, I volunteered to come help with the move.  I have personally moved four times in six years.  I will save this for another post, but just yesterday found myself looking at what is on the market here in Ruston.  Having vowed to never move again (never say never), I have realized the craziness of even thinking about this.  Back to the subject, I also have assisted #1 daughter in 10 moves since 2001---PRAYING this is it for the foreseeable future!  Moving is not for the faint of heart.

I was unable to go help with the packing process until two days before the move.  With 4 children, school Christmas activities, and just keeping the family going, there was PLENTY to pack after I got there in 2 1/2 days.  Suffice it to say, we were throwing things at the truck before it was all over.  I hate to think what might have been tossed in the throw away pile in the process.  We got it done, but it was FAR from my most organized moving experience.

Here is a sure thing I was reminded of~this is an opportunity to cull the unwanted or needed and reorganize that which is moved.  We all experience levels of wishing our world was more organized.  With organization comes a certain peace and streamlining of movement.  If we know where our things are and only keep what is necessary, life really is simpler.  If we drag along all we have accumulated and stick it willy-nilly in the new space, we are back to the same old confusion and clutter which we had become.  We have the opportunity to start with a clean slate, but it only works if we take advantage of the opportunity.

So it is with a new year.  We are presented with a blank calendar which we have a great deal of  control over how this year will play out.  Thus the practice of New Year Resolutions begins.  A New Year Resolution is easily bush-wacked by the failure of our good intentions.  I do not make resolutions, but instead aim for life style changes.  When a resolution is broken, we often easily give up and return to the same old bad habits.  A life style change is an opportunity to climb back on good intentions when we fall off the wagon~knowing one slip up is not defeat. 

I have several life style changes I intend to strive for-




All efforts to seek and know God more deeply, seek new depths of relationships, and seek a healthier life.  I will not be able to succeed every day of the year, BUT I can succeed more than I fail.  With success, I will strive harder knowing I can make these changes.  I am writing these changes down, placing them where I will see them first thing every AM, and refusing to concede defeat, but instead counting on my good intentions to hold fast.


Be thankful for the past, live in the present, and seize the hope for our future.

May God Richly Bless you with the Sure Knowledge of His presence in 2021!


  1. Striving for life style changes instead of resolutions is definitely the way to go, Lulu. I'm cheering you on! And as for moving? Oh, Lord, it gives me the willys just thinking about it. However, it does inspire me to do some decluttering around here, so thanks for that.
    Blessings and Happy New Year!

  2. Hey, good to see you again, friend! I hear you about moving ... so overwhelming, traumatic, exciting! We got rid of LOTS of collectibles and books and memorabilia before we moved. And continue to sift through and weed out much of what we don't need.

    One of my favorite things to do in this season.

    1. It is eye opening to realize our treasures will not be treasures to our children. Trying to live on the cusp of only what I need. Look forward to getting back to a manageable time in the land of blogging!

  3. With best wishes for the New Year.

    God bless.


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