I take my inspiration for blog topics from the world around me.  Having been stuck inside for the most part since Sunday, I am running dry and becoming desperate.  Never one to want to disappoint, I had decided to search the books I am currently reading and "borrow" a topic .  Then, I got a text from my sweet niece who lives near me and is a fellow dog walker and BINGO--I have a topic.  I really apologize in advance for the topic, but these past few days have consisted of a lot of searching for fertile ground.  WELL, not exactly fertile, but acceptable for Hero to accomplish his walk mission--RELIEF!

Here he is in all his misery modeling his new snow coat.  He refuses to wear it--GROAN.  As soon as I get him to the door, he collapses and refuses to budge.  The neighbors already think I am crazy to be out walking on the sheet of ice which has become our outdoor carpet, and now I have a 10 pound wonder who is walking without a coat.  I TRY---REALLY I TRY!

Yesterday, one of our esteemed local bankers, "Bill" posted this picture with a caption warning all those in Facebook land to be sure the snow ice cream was not made from yellow snow.  Of course, I laughed and confessed, I am guilty of covering up Hero's yellow snow.  I was concerned we not leave unsightly reminders of what we are doing while out walking, so when he finished I kicked fresh snow over it.  Hiding the evidence!  Honestly, it never occurred to me you might make snow ice cream from snow from the side of the road!

I am a firm believer in picking up anything my dog might drop.  There is a cardinal rule in hiking that you do not leave any trash behind and that applies throughout life.  I do not like dog poop left behind in my front yard, and I do not leave my dog's poop behind.  Pick up after your dog does not mean~

I am doing my best to destroy and remove all evidence of what my dog has done.  Is it really possible though to destroy all evidence?  Unless I walk with a wheel barrow of dirt and sod, some things leave their mark.  Every mailbox post and street sign post in the neighborhood has been well marked.  No dog can walk by one and not sniff the evidence of what others have left behind and then leave their calling card on top.  Side note-little bit of trivia--in Victorian times callers left their cards (names) behind on a silver tray when making social calls.  The one on top was the last caller and you could see who had visited by examining them all.  Today's equivalent would be the latest comment on a post on Facebook.  SO SORRY--I got distracted and climbed off the train for a moment.

Though I do my best to clean up and cover up all evidence of my dog's waste, there is always a trace of evidence left behind marking his deed.  Try as I might to be a good neighbor, if I take my dog for a walk, he will leave his calling card along the way.  When you walk by and see the evidence, you might not know what dog did it--but all their dog friends know!

So it is with us humans.  We sometimes make a mess.  At times we make no attempt to clean up our mess and leave the evidence behind for others to deal with.  Other times we do try to fix what we have royally messed up, but try as we might, there is always evidence left behind.  Someone else is having to deal with the disaster created when we lack conviction or compassion.  I believe that is what we might call unredeemed sin.  Until we ask for forgiveness, atone for our misdoing, and accept the forgiveness offered our mark is left behind us.  I am thankful for God's offer of redemption for the mess I strewn as I have trekked through this life.  Only by His grace am I able to clean up my mess and leave no trace behind.  What a splendid picture---white as the pristine snow.

9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.
I John 1:9



  1. Great analogy, Lulu! Yes, we humans can certainly leave messes in our wake, but we should be mindful to set the damage to rights, not leave it for someone else to clean up.

    1. It can be a struggle--especially if we wait around for a while!
      Blessings, My Friend!


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