Many of you know I have started a "Walking Group" with the Well ladies.  The original thought was exercise and healthy habits, but the huge added bonus has been deepening relationships.  We walk through the cemetery next to our building and there is NO subject which is out of bounds.  You bring it up--you want to talk about it--we discuss it.  BETTER than any therapy session are friends who listen.

 The ladies who are our shepherds at The Well make sure every holiday is celebrated.  Art projects surrounding the theme, parties with good food, and treats to remind the ladies they are cherished.  It does my heart such good to see these ladies form community and look out for each other.  The heart warming stories of caring for the others are too numerous to tell.  

Recently as we were walking and talking, the subject of Valentine's Day came up.  One lady told us she did not like or celebrate Valentine's Day and she had never had a sweetheart.  One of the others asked didn't she have children, and she said, "Yes, but I never had a sweetheart."  Let that sink in.  Heartbreaking.

Sunday is Valentine's Day and I am pretty sure, with the weather that is coming, we will all be more concerned with preparing for the deep freeze than not celebrating the day.  BUT-for future reference-here was my reply to the dear lady.  "It is only one day--we can endure anything for one day.  The next day--the sun will come up again and everyone will go back to their normal day to day lives.  Find something to keep you busy and do not focus on what you don't have but instead how blessed you are in other ways."

I recently came across this statement,

"At the heart of all great love is a great friendship."

The days of young love and infatuation are short.  There comes a time when we have to be able to talk to one another and enjoy the good company of each other.  Friendship is one of God's greatest blessings.  It does not matter if the friendship is with a significant other or with a life long "buddy", friendship can abide through all seasons.  We all have those amazing friends, who though we seldom see each other, we can pick up where we left off without a blink of an eye.  Friends who know us better than we know ourselves-because they have listened to us--really listened when we talked.  It is certainly a great blessing when that person is our spouse.  For a variety of reasons, many do not have that "Best Friend-Sweetheart", but we are still blessed with deep and abiding friendships.

Sunday--as you attend worship and go home to prepare for the weather to come--take a moment and remember those relationships which are such a blessing.  Dwell on the One who loves you beyond compare---Who wrote you a beautiful Love Letter---Who has given His life for you.  Replace the "Why Not Me?" with "Why Me?".

We love because God first loved us.
I John 4:19


  1. Yes, Lulu, we are blessed infinitely by God's love for each of us. May we call Him our bestie and our sweetheart!

  2. mmm ... "I never had a sweetheart." So sad.

    I will remain grateful forever that Jesus is the Lover of my soul.

  3. Many people confuse the meaning of love. It means caring, not infatuation.

    God bless.


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