If you read my blog at all, you are well aware I am the queen of the exclamation mark.   I LIVE ON THE EDGE OF EMPHATIC!

The irony of all those sentences with emphasis is my life is more like a period  than an exclamation mark.  The only time in the real world I am living out the exclamation is when I am belly laughing (MUST be obnoxious for those nearby) or when I get really ticked off or when I am living on the ragged edge of danger. It takes a LOT to get me steaming, but when I am--watch out.  The exclamation points are flying fast and furious.  Most of the time, I am shame faced after my explosion and I am always drained.   As for danger, these days I am really trying to avoid those dangerous moments of hanging on the edge of disaster by a thread.

Come to think of it, exclamation marks take a LOT of energy. To quote today's encyclopedia - Wikipedia- usually used after an interjection or exclamation to indicate strong feelings or high volume, or to show emphasis.

I am tired after writing the definition, much less experiencing the emotion.  Calm, cool and collected is my mantra.  I do not get my panties in a wad--sorry but that really is a good description--over much.  Why I feel the need to write with such emphasis and feelings is beyond me.  My oral volume is so low I am often asked to repeat.  It is either my low volume or perhaps I am muttering--oh wait--muttering indicates low volume and slurred speech.  At any rate, to say the least I am not a brilliant orator who inspires crowds to great emotion.  It is more like a bedtime story which produces a good case of the yawns.

My writing is contradictory to my living.  Raised in a home where silence was valued, children were seen and not heard.  Thus the need to slip out one of the back doors ASAP and get as far away as possible before the explosion of pent up noise.  Unfortunately, the lessons learned at the feet of our parents are often repeated.  I cannot count how many times I have told my children and grandchildren to use their inside voices.  High volume and high emotion are not my favorite state of affairs.  

Interesting since I greatly enjoy the company of those who do live in a world of exclamations.  The brash story teller, the over the top laugher, in general the center of attention peak my interest.  Perhaps because it is so different and almost foreign to who I am.  BUT-those who live in an exclamation mark world also drain me.  I love short bursts, but a steady stream of strong feelings is a sure recipe for a quick exit.

I am so thankful we all are different.  I love to experience the exclamation points of life, but most of my life is spent with the periods.  The exclamation points are fun and exciting and often thrilling, but the periods--that is real life 99% of the time.  Living beyond the exclamation mark in the solid ground of the period is the reality of what most of our lives look like.  Nothing wrong with that--in fact--period are solid and dependable.  There is much to be said for the periods in our stories.  A fitting ending to most of our trek through life.  

"Peace I leave with you;

my peace I give to you.

Not as the world gives do I give to you.

Let now your hearts be troubled,

neither let them be afraid."

John 14:27

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  1. Too many exclamation marks lead to hyper-activity in the brain and the soul, Lulu. We need to bring everything down a notch whenever possible. We need to cultivate the peace that Jesus left with us.


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