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The Hood Book Club is reading a delightful book this month.  I must confess I began reading it before the last meeting and could not put it down.  I had devoured it by the last month's  meeting in a few days time.  The bad news---I hope I remember the details for a month😏😖

Fiction based upon fact--one of my favorite genres, the book is a wonderful page turner. You can find it on Amazon  HERE and I give it a two thumbs up!

One of the passages which stuck with me is a character describing looking into the face of  one of the two giraffes and seeing the face of God.  Sometimes I read something so profound, I stop and gasp with amazement of the truth in it.  Reading those words, I was transported to Africa and the beauty of the creation on display there.  I have never been to Africa, but through the magic of the written word and wonder of the camera, I understand  a fraction of the enchantment of seeing it face to face.

I must confess when I read the passage, I began to think of all the places I see the face of God around me.  New born babies, birds greeting the dawn with a song, flowers upon flowers laced with early morning dew, trees with spreading limbs filled with fall colors galore, a hug of a dear friend, the joy of a family circle, the smell of fresh mown grass, the amazement of the glory of nature, a laughing child, great pieces of the master's art, and  certainly the beauty of music.  God's face shines through His creation all around us--every day--without fail.  

Picture from one of my hiking trips

We are given the gift of seeing His face, but it is our responsibility to stop and look for it.  God wants us to know Him in a deep and abiding way.  This will only happen if we look for Him.  What better place to start than by seeking His face as reflected in the majesty of His creation all around us?  Look for Him---and you WILL find Him.

"You have said,

'Seek my face.'

My heart says to you,

'Your face, Lord, do I seek.' "

Psalm 27:8


  1. Seeing God's face everywhere . . . Yes, we can, but we have to take the time to seek Him with all our hearts.
    Blessings, Lulu!

    Blessings, My Friend!


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