There are times when it is absolutely crystal clear the HS is pointing me to write about a subject.  Today's blog was not on my radar, in my notes, or even a blip on my screen until a series of events lead me to the need to write about it.

FIRST~I read the book American Dirt which was one of my Saturday recommendations.  It gave me a glimpse of why people are flooding to the American border.

SECOND ~ I was told about an American missionary family who fled Haiti just before the assassination of the leader there and the pursuant political unrest.  They are now in a state of flux with an complex story including adopting a Downs Syndrome child left on their doorstep.  Countless others are desperate to flee the danger in their midst with no place to go.

THIRD ~ My friend called to tell me about the organization she is volunteering with which helps transport the aliens after they are released from detention to their families or sponsors.  During our long conversation she tells me a couple of stories about those she has encountered while volunteering which absolutely sets me on edge.  The trauma many of these aliens have lived through is harrowing.

So today I am going to tell you of a local group that is working to get these aliens to their sponsors and families after they are released from detention.  Somehow the ball has been dropped when it comes to getting these sojourners to their new homes.  They are released from the detention centers and taken to a bus station often without the means to get where they need to go.  No money, no food, and sometimes they do not speak English ~ and they are supposed to figure out how to get to their sponsors or family.  Bureaucracy at its finest.

A local organization has joined hands with other such organizations to aid these strangers in our midst.  Two of the volunteers go and pick them up from the detention center and they begin the ride on today's version of the underground railroad.  They are transported to a midpoint where someone from the city where the airport or bus station is picks them up.  A church in that city provides a place for them to stay until they leave--usually the next day.  The volunteers stop and get a meal for those they are transporting since many times they have not eaten for hours.  It is an logistical quagmire my friend is sorting through to get these people to their new home.  When I heard the story, I thought of the admonishment in The Word to care for the strangers.  We have local heroes who are stepping up to do just that.  They are transporting the strangers to the next point on their journey to their final destination.

The organization, LA Advocates for Immigrants in Detention (LA-AID), is looking for volunteer drivers and contributions to provide meals for the travelers.  They are asking for volunteers for one late afternoon a week to pick up those released and take them to a mid point on their way to a airport or bus station. You will be met at the mid point by someone who will take them on the next leg of their journey.  You are only asked to stop and get them a meal for which the organization will reimburse you.  There will be someone riding along with you and you will only pick up those detainees on the list you are given.  

If you are unable to provide transportation, they are also looking for contributions to provide the simple meal on the way to their transportation.  Nothing is easier than writing a check.  Message me at the bottom of the blog page on the right if you want this address.

I am careful and prayerful about matching my gifts to the service projects I volunteer for.  This may or may not be where you are led to be of service.  I admonish you to use your gifts in some form of service.  We are given our gifts to glorify God and for His good pleasure.  Prayerfully seek where God would use you for His glory and to further His Kingdom.  I am thankful for all who hear the call and step up to volunteer.  You will always be blessed much more than you bless.  You cannot out give God!

" 'Lord, when did we ever see you hungry or thirsty,

or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison,

and not help you?'

And he will answer,

'I tell you the truth, when you refused to help the least of these,

my brothers and sisters, 

you were refusing to help me.' "

Matthew 25:44-45


  1. I'm glad to know that there are people helping out once these people get here. However, as sorry as I feel for them, they are NOT here legally. There must be a finished wall and immigrants must be properly vetted before coming into the country. I sure wish they had the freedoms we have in their own country, but I cringe when I see how our own rights as Americans are being slowly, but surely, taken away from us. When we don't follow the laws that are in place, how can we call ourselves a nation of laws?
    Blessings, Lulu!

  2. All of these people do have sponsors or family who will be sponsoring them and they have all been cleared by ICE to proceed to the next step of becoming citizens.
    Blessings, Martha!


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