Sometimes after posting a blog, an additional thought will hit me about the subject.  Today's blog is a continuation of THIS blog from July 19th.  You remember those infamous words Aibileen spoke to the sweet child, Mae~



Would you stop for a moment and consider the choice of words?  There is NO mention of beauty, talent, popularity riches, power or any of those words the world would have us to believe are important.  Instead there is focus on those things which will serve Mae for her entire life.  Those attributes which will uphold Mae in the tough times, the lonely times, in the times when life is headed in the wrong direction.  The times when The World seems to ignore her and her pain.

As I thought this over, I was taken back to Ecclesiastes and those wise words about the fleeting nature of The World.  Beauty is fading and our bodies will fail us.  Our kindness, though,  will outlive us.  "We all leave a mark on the world - one way or the other. " 

Our intellect will serve to keep us company all the days of our life.  I may not climb mountains anymore or run countless miles every day, but my mind is still active and being stretched daily.  I am blessed to still be learning.

Perhaps the most important is just that---YOU ARE IMPORTANT!  Someone values you, someone hears you, someone sees you, and you are dear to those God has placed in your life.  One of the most difficult places in life can be when we feel invisible.  People all around us---hurrying and scurrying around---and we feel unseen.  Others seem to look right through us.  We begin to feel we have no importance and there is no point.  What a sad state.  Life takes on rich and deep meaning when we allow ourselves to live in relationships of all kinds.  We are important to those who God has placed in our lives.

SO---when you are speaking those words of affirmation over someone---remember to choose those words carefully.  Speak those worlds of lasting consequence--not those which are temporary at best.  Remind those in your path of their importance and help them to seek to live as a reflection of that importance.  Begin by careful words of affirmation and help others to leave a lasting mark on this world.

"Let everything you say be good and helpful,
so that your words will be an encouragement 
to those who hear them."
Ephesians 4:29


  1. May we all choose our words carefully as we seek to encourage others.
    Blessings, Lulu!


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