I took a double take when a long time friend sent me this word ~


How I would laugh, back in the days when I stayed up that late, at the antics of Dana Carvey  on "Saturday Night Live" as The Church Lady.  She could spit out S A T A N with a vengeance.  I looked at a few clips on Youtube and it should be no shocker that I could not find one that was not slightly inappropriate.  That show was always on the edge.
I looked up the definition ~

Making a show of being morally superior to other people

End of blog.   NO ~ Just kidding!

I personally thought this cartoon defined what we are talking about~

One thing is for certain there is a LOT of finger pointing that goes with sanctimonious.

I do not appreciate  those who seem to be inferring they are morally superior to me.  NO ONE likes to be preached at (I am not referring to the Sunday message).  Nothing can quite set me on edge more than the feeling I am being looked down upon and lectured.  HOW DARE YOU!  There are a couple of adages which come to mind 

Until you have walked a mile in my shoes
Perhaps you should first check in you own backyard

The bottom line is none of us like to be talked down to.  I read another phrase which rang true~

HERE is my one main thought about sanctimonious ~


Oh, you think not.  Surely not you!  The finger is pointing right at each of us

I believe this is the truth in a nut shell.  We ALL (yes, me too) are guilty of feeling morally superior to someone else.  We ALL look down our noses with that attitude of "Thank God that's not me" to some person, some group, some country---someone.  Shame on each and every one of us!

Recently I told a couple of friends the most Godly women I had ever known were without fail humble.  They never made me feel "Less Than".  Even when I was being corrected, it was done with great love and tenderness.  There seemed to never be an air of sanctimony about them.  Even though it was so apparent how deep their relationship with God was, they never used condemnation to attract others to the God they loved.

Yes, sanctimonious is one of those words that even the pronunciation of it rings of condemnation.  I am praying God will reveal my wrong attitudes and help me to correct them with the attitude Jesus mirrored for us.  He came not to condemn the world but to save the world.

"For God sent not the Son into the world to judge the world,
but that the world should be saved through him."
John 3:17

I am still getting words to write posts about.  Please send me one if you have not already.

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  1. How I loved to laugh at Church Lady, Lulu! But on a serious note, we can all be sanctimonious at times. With God's help, we can get better about this!

  2. Amen, My Friend. Praying for you today.


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