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My immediate thoughts on tolerance was it can be a two edged sword.  

There is the side (edge) which cries out for us all to be more tolerant of the views of others.  There is also the side (edge) for a tolerance of the  loosening of morals and behavior standards which can become a slippery slope.

Both of these merit some discussion, so I will give you a brief synopsis of what I am thinking (Reader's Digest version).  We can all agree we need to be more tolerant of those who do not agree with us on a subject (you pick it--politics, religion, pandemic, vaccination, any subject which creates divide).  Just because we do not agree, does not necessarily mean we are the devil incarnate or have mush for brains.  I certainly know people on both sides of some of these issues who are brilliant Godly people.   You can NEVER argue anyone into changing their mind.  Social media and mass media has worked to not only keep the divide between us all, but actually fan the fires of dispute.  The word which came to mind when thinking this over was forbearance.  We could all stand to grow our patience and self control toward those who dare to disagree with our opinions.

I am not advocating for anyone to change their beliefs.  I am advocating for all of us to learn to patiently tolerate those who dare to disagree with us.  I am so weary of all the vitriol, name calling, and demonizing of our fellow man. We seem to have forgotten the second of the greatest commandments.  

"The second is equally important:

love your neighbor as yourself."

Mark 12:31

It seems we forget how much we all have in common and only focus on where we disagree.  A little tolerance would go a LONG way in today's world.

The other edge of the sword concerns tolerance of the gradual decline in morality in our country or the world.  Do you EVER turn on the news that some scandal is not being discussed?  Perhaps this has always been with us, but has it always been to the degree it is today?  Are we just hearing about it more?  I recently had a discussion about modesty in dress with my daughter.  There is a school of thought out there today that we should all be able to dress whatever way we desire.  It is up to those around us to show self control when presented with scantily clad bodies.  I did a great deal of thinking about this and came away with one question ~

Who are we trying to please or impress 

when we choose to dress scantily?

What does The Word say about this?

If a picture shows up 50 years from now of how you dress today, will you be proud of how you appear?  

This is one example of the change in acceptable behavior in the world.  I remember the first time I heard of an indiscretion by someone I held in high esteem.  It totally changed how I looked at them.  None of us are above sinful behavior, but we also must accept the consequence of loss of a good opinion of our integrity.  Sin is still sin--no matter what society might tell you.

As we begin to accept and embrace a loosening of social morays, it is serving us all for the better?  Is it making our society better?  OH--this is a question we could launch off into a heated discussion on.  I might even loose my tolerance  of your views if we begin to argue.  I best stick to the Reader's Digest version.

"With all humility and gentleness,

with patience,

bearing with one another in love."

Ephesians 4:2

P.S. ~ As I reviewed today's post before publishing, I began to think about who decides what our social morays should be.  THAT can be an entire post in itself. One clear guideline for me as to what is acceptable behavior is that clear small voice in my head.  Almost all of the time, if my head is saying NO!--No it should be.

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  1. I can tolerate anything except intolerance and chilli con carne!

    I guess it all depends on individuals' tolerance levels. What someone finds totally unacceptable someone else would see it as sophisticated, modern, fashionable and the "new" way to do things. Over the years society has become more tolerant of many things and generally standards have deteriorated.

    Just one Biblical example: when the Angel Gabriel visited Mary, it would have been totally unacceptable for an unmarried woman to have a child. To claim He is the Son of God would have been sacrilegious. Her family and friends would disown her and her life would be in danger.

    Today, however ... ... ...

    God bless.

  2. Exactly, Victor, our growing tolerance has lead us to a slippery slope. Can we even imagine what Mary was subjected to, and yet God protected her.


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