The first few pages of this book had me thinking I am not going to like this and will probably put it down.  A drug runner who runs in the circle of the super rich and is laughing behind his back at the authorities is not my cup of tea.  The rationalization of it only hurting the super rich who are his clients does nothing to change my mind.

THEN, the story takes a turn.  I will not spoil it for you.  This is a great story of redemption and change.  This is a story of God never giving up on us.  It was so good, I plowed through it in two days.  So many stores within the story.  Charles Martin is a gifted story teller who also authored When Crickets Cry, another great book.   Be sure and read the story of the well at the very end of the book.  His personal story of where this idea for the book came from.  You can find this book HERE.


  1. This sounds like another riveting read, Lulu, but I'm going to have to put the breaks on ordering anything else from Amazon right now.

    1. Perhaps you can get it from your local library, Martha.


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