Could this be the final Monday I write about a word you have sent me?  Can I trust you to send other words if they are placed upon your heart?  This exercise has been stimulating and great fun.  I am intrigued with the words you have sent and challenged to explore the depths of their meaning.  It has been quite amazing that no two words have been the same.  Thank you for participating and I welcome other words--thoughts--ideas you would like to discuss at any point.  So unless you send more words, this will be the final week of posting around the theme of the word for the day. 

This word was sent by a dear friend whom I have spent hour upon hour in deep meaningful discussions.  They have challenged me with great compassion and kindness to think beyond the box I have hidden in.  A friend who listens to my thoughts and gently points out the limitations I have placed upon my beliefs.  They have been a great influence on expanding my thinking beyond what is commonly accepted .  There is so much more to many topics than what we are being fed by the world.    When they called, we spent an hour discussing the word and our personal experience with the quality of trust.  

Once the conversation was over, I spent a week rolling this word around in my head.  I am always intrigued with my "first thoughts"

In God we trust

Trust and obey

Living Trust (From my CPA days)

Can I trust you?

Banks with the word trust in their names

So what is the definition of trust

firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.

As I began to think of the things I trust, I realized most of my trust is placed in things.  I trust the sun will come up everyday.  I trust my body will perform as expected-breath, heart beat, etc.  I trust there will be four seasons every year.  Most of these centered  around things we take for granted and happen with no effort on our part.  I do have a lack of trust when it comes to us humans.

The distrust I have for some is centered around my personal experiences.  What is that old saying

When we have been disappointed when our trust for someone has returned void, we tend to protect our hearts from further pain.  I suspect our trust in man is conditional and past experience leads us to doubt the reliability spoken of in the definition of trust.

My friend spoke of a significant person in their life who NEVER trusted them.  We are talking about a generational relationship where there was never a sense of being trusted.  What does that say about us when others do not trust us?  What have we done to not be trusted?  Why would we not be considered trustworthy?  As we explored the word, it became apparent, there are times when we are not trusted due to no fault of our own.  My difficulty trusting some has nothing to do with personal experience with them, but because I have lumped them into a category where I distrust everyone who belongs in it.  NOT FAIR--  NO  - but really difficult to change our basic instincts based upon past experience.

SO, as we discussed trust, a great example was given.  If there is a cake in the house, can I be trusted to not eat a piece or three, even though I know it is not good for my health?  Most of us cannot be trusted with that temptation.  Can I be trusted to exercise everyday?  Not if there is ANY excuse I can come up with.  Can I be trusted to do what I have stated I would do?  Hopefully, but there are extenuating circumstances.  Can I be trusted to keep a secret?  I will let you answer that one.  Can I be trusted to not gossip even when I use the excuse of you might need to know?  Are we trustworthy?

  Do we trust ourselves?

SO ~  follow me here  ~  if to love another we need to be able to love ourselves ~ does it follow to trust others we need to be able to trust ourselves?

It is two steps forward and one back in the trust department.  We are going to mess up and prove to be untrustworthy.  The question then becomes can we change who we are if  we are given another chance to correct our behavior?  We are all works in progress until our final breath.  Continue to strive to be trustworthy, but begin by first believing you can be trusted.  

I cannot leave this word without a reminder of Who can be trusted, Who is always trustworthy,  Whose Word is the Truth we can trust, Who we can trust to faithfully love us.  Almighty God is worthy of our trust.  Trust is based upon faith.  Faith that God is who He says He is.  Can God be trusted?  Absolutely--but our trust is not based upon man and his interpretations, but instead He is trusted because we have faith based upon our experience with God that He is trustworthy.  We are ALWAYS able to trust God is Who He says He is.

“And those who know your name put
their trust in you,
for you, O LORD, have not forsaken
those who seek you.”

Psalm 9:10

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  1. You pose such great observations about trust here, Lulu. We do need to trust in ourselves first in order to trust another person - a lot like loving our neighbor as ourselves. It is in God that we can place our ultimate trust, for He is ever faithful and true.

  2. Obviously we are looking to God for the ultimate example & hopefully striving to seek His direction.
    Blessings, My Friend!

  3. “Do not let your heart be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in Me." John 14:1-8

    God bless.

  4. Wonderful reference, Victor.
    Thank you!


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