My next door neighbor and sweet friend gave me this word as we worked on a project for the hood.  God has so blessed me with sweet neighbors in the hood.  Over the past four years, it has slowly become home after many years of never really feeling like I had a home.  I look forward to the deepening feelings of how really special this place I am planted is over the years to come.  As with most things, it has become special because of the relationships with my neighbors.  With the deepening of relationships, the roots that hold me here are becoming more firmly planted.  God is our faithful provider for all we need.  

When we were talking about the word, the neighbor told me this ~

"We (it's a couple next door) decided a long time ago that if God was so faithful to us, we would be faithful to Him by being a part of the community of faith He placed us in."  (Hoping you also have like minded neighbors.)

They are newer Ruston residents having spent their entire lives in a community about an hour down the road.  Moving to Ruston to be close to family, they quickly dived into a local church and became active.  Without hesitation, they not only joined Sunday School (for all of you young people that was the pre-cursor to small groups), but also began volunteering within the church.  Their faithfulness to the local church is outward evidence of their faithfulness to God.  

Exactly what is faithful and the quality of faithfulness?

remaining loyal and steadfast.

The definition of faithfulness contained this word ~


which is 

faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief,

 demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support

As I thought this over, it dawned on me the word which is most important is


which would mean   ~  continuous  ~  as in without break or pause.  How easy it is for me to think I have done my hours of service this week, I have worshipped, I have written my check, read my daily Bible reading, and prayed.  It all sounds good---no great.  BUT is it continuous?  What am I doing with the remainder of the hours in my day?  Is God always present in my sub-conscious?  Where are my thoughts throughout the day?  I am fairly certain none of us can claim to be consistently faithful.  The world gets in our way as we seek to be faithful.  What we can be absolutely 100% certain of is 

Thank God, His faithfulness is not dependent upon our faithfulness.  God is faithful---continuously.  AMEN!

"Your unfailing love, Oh Lord,

is as vast as the heavens;

your faithfulness

reaches beyond the clouds."

Psalm 36:5

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  1. We may waver in our faith from time to time, but I take great comfort in knowing God is ever and always faithful.
    Blessings, Lulu, and have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Trust in the Lord always. He is faithful.

    God bless.


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