There ALWAYS seems to be a conspiracy theory floating around about any  bad occurrence or one which falls outside the parameters of what we deem acceptable.  

I very seldom read mysteries, espionage, etc genre books ~ EXCEPT when someone tells me, "You will not figure this one out."  I LOVE a good challenge and if I finish a book and am surprised in the last few pages about 

it is a winner!  I love to be intrigued!

The first time I gave a great deal of thought to conspiracies was after JFK was assassinated.  If you visit the Grassy Knoll Museum in Dallas there is an entire wall dedicated to listing all of the conspiracy theories.  I knew a few of these theories, but NEVER realized how many theories there were until taking a tour of the museum a few years ago.

Today there are more conspiracy theories floating around than Carter has liver pills.  You need a program to keep up with them all ~including who is behind them, what the theory is, and who is being affected.  It is mind boggling.  We all know someone who is deep into some conspiracy theory.  It affects how you look at your fellow man. COVID has been the fuel to ignite the fires of conspiracy theories like we have never known before.  With the ability to spread information and misinformation like wildfires today, I feel like I am in the midst of a burning inferno of conspiracy theories.

I have two thoughts on conspiracy theories.  Perhaps those who believe in these theories are correct.  My hesitancy in believing is the complexity of coming up with and then implementing such an action.  Most of us are so narcissistic we cannot get past the end of our nose, much less come up with a complex plan to change the course of history and then put it into action.  Personally I believe many of these theories are an attempt to blame shift.  We cannot or do not want to accept that things happen.  Our nation was stunned by Kennedy's death and we could not accept one man might have pulled off this ambush.  We need to believe it is not that simple.  If we accept Oswald murdered Kennedy without aid or a mastermind behind it, then it might be possible for the same thing to happen to us.  We want to believe we are safe riding through town.  We do not want to acknowledge there is the possibility of being the victim of a drive by shooting, being killed in a mugging, or somehow being an innocent bystander victim.  We need to think we are only in danger if there is some great conspiracy behind all bad things which happen.  We might duck into our caves and never come out if we had to acknowledge bad things can just randomly happen.

My other thought is there is evil in this world.  Conspiracies might happen, but the bottom line is conspiracy or not, the basis for these actions is always evil.  Whatever norm of decency we feel is being attacked, evil is always the catalyst behind that action.  Bad things happen to good people--always have and always will---until Jesus comes again.  Satan has been given free reign here on this terrestrial ball and he is doing all he can to wreck havoc, chaos, and discord before his ultimate defeat.  He is hell-bent ~ literally ~ to drag as many of us down with him as possible.  By keeping us all at each others' throats and  concentrating and using our energies looking for who is responsible for our pain, he is successful in keeping our eyes off God.  Satan himself is the iconic conspiracy creator.  One conspiracy theory I have no doubt in is his desire to see us all fall into his trap and leave God out of the answer.  PLEASE, do not fall into the pit of his deceit.  God will prevail---always--eternally- HE is our Savior from all that is evil.

"Be sober minded; 

be watchful.

Your adversary the devil 

prowls around like a roaring lion,

seeking someone to devour."

I Peter 5:8


  1. You are so right that evil is the catalyst for many conspiracy theories and for wanting to divide us as a country, Lulu. I try not to get caught up in that whirl of thought, but try to look for facts that are irrefutable. Let's cling to God and His truth.

    1. !
      Amen, Martha! Only there is always the truth


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