My neighbor and sweet friend submitted another word.  I love this one!

I could write a book on this topic.  My neighbor told me about a dream about being touched.  Upon awakening during the dream, they could actually feel that hug.

Man is born with a need to touch and be touched.  A touch conveys a multitude of feelings with out uttering a word.  Although some people are uncomfortable with being touched by others (boundaries), I am a toucher.  This pandemic has done my need to touch and be touched NO favors.

A sure indicator of how important touching is would be all the songs written with  lyrics about touching or being touched.  "All these things" immediately comes to mind on the secular front.  "He touched me" was the first Christian song that came to mind.  Those two are the tip of the proverbial iceberg which speak of a touch.

There are volumes written by psychologists about the importance of being touched.  Studies indicate we become disassociated when we are deprived of touch.    I greatly miss the touch of a dear one.  A great deal can be conveyed by a look, but that touch speaks volumes into our very soul.  I think of the first time I held each of my children and grandchildren.  That sweet moment of holding that precious baby knowing there would be years of feeling them in my embrace.    Newborn mothers and fathers are now instructed to have skin to skin touch with their babies.  What greater proof of how important this  connection made by this intimate embrace of our preciously loved offspring.

My mind wandered down the road of Gods' touch.  We cannot physically feel God's touch.  OR can we?  IF--God is the actual creator of ALL things~ would not the touch of any part of His creation also be a touch by God?  I went for a walk with The Wonder Dog this AM and picked up some pine cones along the way.  When I picked those cones up, would that be God's touch?  When I pick wildflowers along the path, would that be God's touch?  When I stop in wonder at the breath taking sunrise, is that God's touch?  Why, when I hold that grandbaby for the first time, is that God's touch?  Are we pining for God's touch, when He is holding us in the embrace of His creation all day everyday?  Food for thought,  Dear Friends.

"Seek the Lord while He may be found;

call upon Him while He is near."

Isaiah 55:6


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  2. I'm a touch person, too, Lulu, and the pandemic certainly curtailed that ability in so many awful ways. I'm so thankful the worst of that is behind us! God created us to touch one another, I believe, and yes, we can see/feel His touch in all of the creation surrounding us.

  3. There are times, when I am hesitant to touch or be touched, Martha. Mostly in the unfamiliar situation or person. Others have boundaries and I need to remember that!
    Blessings, My Friend!


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