The leaves are just beginning to turn here in North Louisiana.  You might find it interesting that the first leaves I notice turning every fall are poison ivy and then the sweet gum tree (considered a trash tree).  

Do you remember from elementary science what causes the colors to change?  It turns out trees are pretty smart.  As the temperatures begin to cool, a signal is sent out in the tree that it is time to have a long winter's rest.  A dam is formed in the leaf stems which stops the chlorophyll making process.  As the chlorophyll begins to break down---the leaves change color.  Sounds SO simple--right?  Think it over---the tree has to know the time has come and different trees get the signals with different temperature signals.  Thus all the trees do not change colors the same day.  The tree was created to have a dormant period every year during those short cool days of winter.  The chlorophyll should be made under perfect conditions, so the tree takes a breather during the cool of the fall and winter.   The yearly cycle of leaves coming and going is beautiful and a wonder to behold.  A perfect example of God's perfect plan in the life of the tree.

Once a good friend and master gardener told me all plants have a life expectancy--just as we humans do.  Certainly some live incredibly long lives--but so do some humans.  BUT--there will come the day when the plant/tree will begin the process of dying having lived out its purpose.

What a beautiful example of God's perfect creation.  A plan put into action when one little seed/nut began to sprout to fulfill its destiny.

Do you see the correlation between the life of plants/animals and the life of humans?  God, in His infinite wisdom created each and every thing with a purpose and a plan.  Most living things can fulfill this purpose without the need to search for the plan.  We humans were created differently.  We were given a brain to help us determine who we are, who God is, and what His perfect plan is for our lives.  I am praying and hoping we all are using our brains.  God has great things in store and a glorious purpose for each of us---We only have to seek Him.

"21 Many are the plans in a person’s heart, 

but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails."

Proverbs 19:21


  1. Yes, God has a plan for all His living creatures, Lulu. May we always listen to His still, small voice to know when we are aligned with His will for us.

  2. Our plans change on a dime, don't they. His purposes are strong and sure and holy. I want His purposes more and more as time goes on. He's proved Himself so loving and faithful!


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