The good news about my health just keeps rolling in--I went to see the eye doctor.  I KNEW my vision had deteriorated since my cataract surgery a couple years ago, but assumed Mother Nature was winning in the battle of decline.  (It happens, People)  It seems I have what some call a secondary cataract---or there is a clouding of the lens that has been implanted.  There is a LONG technical explanation with LOTS of medical jargon--you are welcome for not boring you with the details.  Bottom line--my vision has deteriorated in one eye because of this.  

My eye does not look like this, but you get the picture.  It is like my window has fogged up and my vision is affected by looking through the haze.  GOOD NEWS--a simple in- patient laser procedure will take care of this.  BAD NEWS---OK--so they burned a boo-boo off my nose and now they are lasering my eye.  NOT the direction I prefer to go in, BUT thankful for advancements in medical science which make this possible.  If you are interested, ask me what cataract surgery was like when I was young--it was so traumatic I remember the details.  Another piece of REALLY good news---no glasses beyond my readers---

SO---where could I possibly be going with this--and WHO cares if I have a secondary cataract?  It made me think about how often we look at life through a clouded haze and see a distortion of what is truly there.  When we begin to look through the eyes of the world, we see things not as God intended, but as our enemy would like us to believe.   We forget to seek the truth of who we are and what God has planned for us and instead see the hazy distortion of the truth.  May we all look through the lens of truth this holiday season and celebrate the truth of what Jesus has done for us.

"Now we see things imperfectly,

like puzzling reflections in a mirror,

but then we will see everything with perfect clarity.

All that I know now is partial and incomplete,

but then I will know everything completely,

just as God know me completely."

I Corinthians 13 :12

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  1. It is miraculous, indeed, how modern technology in medicine can mend all kinds of boo-boos, Lulu. I'm so glad your eye condition is not as serious as one would think, and that it can be corrected. Yes, we need to see not as the world sees, but as God would want us to.


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