Have you begun putting away all your Christmas?  I know some who take their tree down Christmas afternoon.  I must say, before artificial trees made their permanent debut, you had to take those live trees down or spend the remainder of the year vacuuming up needles.  (Not to mention the fire hazard they became as they dried out).  There is another segment of the population who leave everything up until New Year's Eve--enjoying the full holiday of decorations--from Thanksgiving until New Year's Eve.

You DO REALIZE there is an old tale which says it is bad luck for the next year if you still have decorations up on New Year's Day.  Disclaimer--I do not believe in luck.  But it does seem if the New Year's Baby has made their appearance, perhaps it is time to put away all the Christmas.  I seem to have less and less to put away with each passing year.  We have already explored my diminishing decorations in a prior post.  And then there is the complication of eating the correct foods on New Year's Day which require a few hours of cooking.  Who has time to cook and de-decorate??  

DEFINITELY TIME for this to go!

I am a BIG fan of clean slates--including putting up those Christmas decorations before January 1.  What I do think we need to hang on to and continue to enjoy is the knowledge of a birth of a baby who came to save the world.  What a beautiful Christmas gift which has kept on giving throughout the ages.  This bears hanging on to and remembering every day of the year.  Merry Christmas Indeed!

"For the wages of sin is death,
but the free gift of God
is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord."
Romans 6:23


  1. Yes, we need to hang onto that spirit of Christmas all year through, Lulu. What a gift we have in Jesus!


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