It's that wonderful time of the year when we all go into a frenzy of gift buying for those we love.  True confession---I have not bought the first gift.  Will start  soon and in all truthfulness I only buy gifts for the littles. (I wrote this two weeks ago--so do not think I am desperate)    I give donations in honor of my loved ones instead of giving them gifts---we all have FAR too much already.  So I pick a charity or organization that I know is dear to them and send a donation in their honor.  

Why in the world do we give all these gifts and how did it get to be such a big deal?  Until we lost my dad, Christmas was a big deal at our house.  He was the biggest kid ever and we always got the latest toys.  I strongly suspect it was what he wanted to play with and for me--what my mother deemed appropriate.  I am scarred from only receiving one doll--one Christmas.  NO WONDER I am such a tomboy.  Giving gifts is our meager effort to show our love.  Proving our love by giving a gift is an impossible task.  It is NOT the gifts that prove our love.

A perfect example of this is the very first Christmas gifts that were given to the new born babe.  OH, some make such a big deal of the expensive gifts the Magi left for the little baby.  As I thought over those gifts this week, something profound occurred to me ~ the Magi were rich kings from the East---they could well afford to give what seemed like over the top gifts.  It was like pulling a golden egg out of the stock pile you have saved in your Golden Goose nest.  They would never miss it.  NO--those gifts were certainly wonderful, but the Magi gave something far more important--they gave their time, which we have a limited quantity,  to search for the promised Messiah.  They rode on the backs of camels for a LONG time (your rear would be screaming) to find and worship that king.  The gifts they left were more on the order of a hostess gift---thanking the host/hostess for the joy of the visit.  They left a token of their esteem after traveling for many weeks--following a star--looking for the babe.  They worshipped the new born king after seeking Him.

When you are thinking over gifts for your loved one this year, keep this in mind.  We show our love in the most important way--not through gifts-but by our presence---really being present.  All the rest is nice, but no real proof of our love.  Please do not shoot the messenger---stop and think it over.


  1. Yes, the greatest gift we can give to another is our time, Lulu. I love your perspective concerning the Wise Men - I never thought about their story in this way, and it's certainly broadened my assessment of their dedication and giving of themselves.

    1. A God given epiphany, Martha. I am so thankful He is still teaching me.
      Blessings, My Friend!

  2. Oh that's so funny! Even as I'm wrapping my last gift, you're cool and calm about starting your shopping! I love how we all make our way toward Christmas at our own speed, in our own style, aiming to please Him.

    A blessed Christmas to you, Lulu. I do believe that you're my most long-time blogging friend. I feel so blessed that we've walked together for all these years. God is good!

  3. You may be correct, Linda. I never thought about that! WRAPPING--I think about that tomorrow, Scarlett!! LOL! I LOVE shopping via the WWW! It has made my life so much easier!
    Christmas Blessings to you, Friend!


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