THIS will be a Christmas we do not forget.  Two Thirds of the family received the gift of exposure to COVID (11 of 15 were together)  and, to date, three (maybe four)  have come down with the virus.  What began as seemingly allergies (Cedar Fever here in TX) turned into the lurking virus.  The symptoms are so mild at first, you do not realize you are a walking Germ Spreader.  We ALL were exposed being in a closed house together for a couple of days --some (ME!) for a week long visit.  To date those who have been sick were fortunate that it disappeared fairly quickly (5-6 days), unfortunately the baby of the bunch has had the worst case.  The official incubation period is two to fourteen days.  We are well over half way there.  Hopefully even if we are infected, we are asymptomatic.  We are being good citizens and staying isolated in order to not continue the spread.

Here is what is amazing---the original source of the outbreak took a drink out of my latte to see what it tasted like in the middle ofme drinking a cup before realizing they were sick.   Can exposure be much more direct than that??  I have had my vaccination and booster.  The shots made me progressively sicker with each inoculation.  This must mean my body has put up a strong defense.  When it sees the virus, it begins to fight.  I refuse to admit that every evening for the past few days I have had a low grade fever, chills, mild headache (for days), and fatigue--it HAS to be exhaustion.  You see after a good night's sleep I am good to go again.  My mind MUST be playing tricks on me!    NOW--NO---I am not trying to convince you to get the vaccine.  I am merely recounting my experience.   I am so glad, though, that to date, I have stayed, at a minimum, asymptomatic along with psychotic. 

This changed the plans one of the grands and I had for a trip to three national parks.  Reservations had to be cancelled and expectations altered.  Some have not been able to go to work.  Some had to cancel active plans for a week off from school.  OF course, that was disappointing, but the quarantining has also brought about a pleasant surprise.  We all were forced to slow down our frenzied activity.  We have sat together and drawn, made jewelry, played games, watched movies, took walks,  and spent precious time talking to each other.  As with most things---it is not all bad--there has also been a silver lining.  Making the most of a change in direction has lead to a very enjoyable time together.

I think about how many times in The Word plans had to be changed.  A couple with a new born baby were forced to forego going home after giving birth while on a trip.  They were not able to return home and show off that sweet baby to all their friends and relatives.  Instead, in obedience, they headed in another direction until God gave the all clear.  They were diverted to protect that precious baby, and it certainly caused disappointment.  They made the most of it and kept the baby safe by changing their plans.  There was a silver lining in the change of plans.  Herod's evil plan did not lead to the death of Baby Jesus.  All the other babies that were lost that day is another post for another day. 

13 an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream.

 “Get up,” he said, “take the child and his mother and escape to Egypt.

 Stay there until I tell you,

 for Herod is going to search for the child to kill him.”

14 So he got up,

 took the child and his mother during the night and left for Egypt,

Matthew 2:13-14


  1. Your story is fairly similar to our family's, friend.

    Praying for you all right now. I continue to be astonished at those who think this is all just some kind of conspiracy theory or a joke and aren't getting vaccinated. Lord have mercy.

    Sending you a distant hug this morning.

  2. I am nearing the end of isolation, Linda. Some might say I was too mean to get sick-LOL!
    Praying for your family as well, My Friend. WHERE IS NORMAL??


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