I think I have told you our small group is studying this Beth Moore study 

Not my favorite of Beth's studies, I tend to want to study strictly the scripture and look for ways to apply it.  Not to find a problem or question and then build a study around it.  That is why God made us all different--thankfully!  Would it not be a boring world otherwise.  Somehow I have gotten roped into helping teach this study.  Any type of verbal communication (except maybe a one on one conversation) is not my strong suit and now I am teaching a book that is not my choice of what to study.  God has SUCH a sense of humor.  He loves to point out He can use us even when we are dragging our heels.

Secret Places

The section I worked on yesterday talked about the secret places in the recesses of our minds.  How laughable that we think we can hide anything from God--and yet~  "We kid ourselves into thinking that sin is safe in the secret places."  This section is on the path to sanctification and the author writes "the mind is often the last inner chamber we allow God to sanctify."  OH, Friends, it gets deeper.  "The mind is the biggest battlefield we have on which our spiritual battles are fought.  Even our feelings eventually bow down to our thoughts."  SO there is a relationship between the way we allow ourselves to think (WE are in control) and the feelings we have.  It is a misnomer that we cannot change the way we feel.  I can testify how God has changed my feelings with my submission to His desires.  If we change the way we think (IT CAN BE DONE), before long our thoughts change the way we feel.  I can tell you I have seen God take my feelings from hatred to compassion.  HE will do a great work in our lives if we admit (HE ALREADY KNOWS ANYWAY) our secrets to Him and give Him control over our thoughts and feeling about them.  BUT GOD--He loves us with an unfailing love which cannot be diminished.  Your secrets are not really secrets, but they can fester and stand between you and a sweet relationship with God Almighty.  LET GOD HEAL YOU.

"If you hide your sins,

you will not succeed.

If you confess and reject them,

you will receive mercy."

Proverbs 28:13


  1. Absolutely no sense in even trying to withhold secrets from God. He knows it all, so we might as well come clean in order to be cleansed by Him.
    Blessings, Lulu!

  2. Absolutely, Martha. Laughable to think we even give a thought to our lives having secrets from Him!


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