If you spend any time on the WWW, you know there are now "Influencers" out there.  I have one so called "Influencer" I follow, but the truth of the matter is I do not pay any attention to what she is wearing, etc.  I started following her because she is a very talented musician.  The next thing I know her "Dad" is commenting and cracking me up.  She is on Instagram-sheenamelwani.  Almost guarantees a laugh anytime I stop by.

Influencers have huge followings of those who want to stay on the cutting edge of fashion, decorating, sports, or pretty much anything you have an interest in. They take their ability to do something, that others admire and want to copy, to  a new level of being the "Leader of the Pack".  They convince their followers their way is THE WAY.  Sheep come to mind--did you know the entire flock of sheep will follow the one with the bell--without even asking where they are going?  No need to think for yourself when you line up behind a leader with no clue where they may be going. 

Perhaps I should become an influencer.  I really DO sloth well.  If I put myself out there as "The Ultimate Authority" on sloth, all the other sloth lovers can follow me---as long as it takes NO energy.  I can point out the most comfy lounging clothes, the ultimate comfortable chair or couch, the best snacks, the most mindless television shows, the fluffiest reading (requires no thought)~~~On and on.  I am a EXTREME example of doing lazy to the highest degree.

Whom do you follow--whom do you allow to influence you?  Is it some political pundit, some fashionesta, some cook extraordinary (I do follow one of these on FB), some world traveler, some ultimate adventure seeker, some great philosopher, some world class athlete, on and on.  Who out there are you looking to for where you should be heading, what you should be doing, how you should dress, what your home should look like, what you should be doing in your spare time.  Are you denying there is any outside influence in your life?  You really need to think hard about this---I am CERTAIN someone has influence over you.

NOW here is a scary thought~ each and every one of us has influence over someone else.  There is someone watching you, whom you are influencing.  At first I thought--NO WAY, but then I thought of comments that have been made to me.  "I could never do what you do.  I admire your ability to-fill in the blank.  How do you stay so organized?"  OH, yes, I am being watched by some---and SO ARE YOU.  You have influence.  Perhaps we are a negative influence.  Have we not all said, "I will NEVER-------like ______."  That my friends is also influence.

As I read today's devotional, the author said this, "According to sociologists, even the most isolated individual will *influence* 10,000 other people during his or her lifetime!"   WHOA!!  So if you have that powerful of an influence, the question becomes whom are you looking to as influence?  "Jesus says, 'There is only one Life-Leader for you...Christ.' "  What power we possess!  How best to use that power is all wrapped up in the influence we have allowed Jesus to have in our lives.  Lord, give me the wisdom to always use my influence to further Your Kingdom.

"Don't set people up as experts over your life,

letting them tell you what to do.

Save that authority for God;

let Him tell you what to do."

Matthew 23:8-10  

The Message


  1. Danny has a few couples he follows on YouTube, and I will get into their adventures from time to time, but I don't purposely follow anyone on social media. However, there are some news people I like, so I guess I'm influenced after all. I certainly hope, through my blog, that I'm an influencer for Jesus.
    Blessings, Lulu!

    1. This girl makes me laugh--always love a good laugh! Beyond her, I do not have a clue who are influencers!
      Blessings, Martha!

  2. When i was a Vice President of Academic Affairs and in charge of a faculty that numbered 600, i was an influencer of sorts. When i decide to spend my last twe years back in the collegiate classroom I quickly saw that influence in this secular world is all about what the influencer can do for you when you no longer can help they are through with you. Thus the way of the world

    1. I also learned we can always be replaced. As soon as we are out of the picture, people are on to the next person. Yes, the way of the world!

  3. yep, we're influencers. it could be a scary thought, but it's pretty exciting anyway! let the beauty of Jesus be seen in us.


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