There are times in life when we feel as if God has forgotten us.  Sometimes long periods of suffering are endured when we question "Why?".  I think of those with chronic illnesses, those who have lost loved one after loved one, those who have hit rock bottom in every way imaginable-physically, fiscally, emotionally.  Most of us have endured times when we felt completely alone in our suffering.  How could anyone possibly understand what we are going through?

 I have seen in my own life how God has used periods of suffering and times of wandering in my spiritual wilderness.  God has a purpose for every occurrence in our lives.  The things which seem to have no reason are bricks along our path to sanctification.  There is no waste in God's economy.  All things can be used for our good and to bring about His purpose.

I read this morning about Joseph when he was wrongfully thrown in prison.  Surely he must have felt forgotten by God?  Surely he questioned the why's of his path since that day his brothers plotted getting rid of him.  After explaining the dreams to two of Pharaoh's top men, he asked the cup bearer to be his advocate to Pharaoh.  Things were good again, but the cup bearer forgot about Joseph in his regained favor and did not plead his case.  What must Joseph have thought.  "Is this ever going to be redeemed?  Am I going to die in this prison?"  The cup bearer may have forgotten Joseph, but God had not.  There was more to come in God's plan for Joseph.  Plans to prosper him and not allow harm to him, plans to give him a hope and a future.

We all know how the story turns out and the favor Joseph found in Pharaoh's eyes.  He was eventually elevated to the number two position in Egypt.  Then God used him to save his people from starvation.  Never in a thousand years could Joseph have known how mightily God would use him.  He must have questioned along the path.  BUT he never lost faith in the Great God of the Universe.  He believed all was for a purpose.

We cannot see the big picture.  We do not know what the future holds.  We do know we will suffer during periods of our lives.  God will use that suffering for our good and His good purpose.  Trust Him, Friends, Trust Him.

"Yet the chief cupbearer did not remember Joseph,

but forgot him.

Genesis 40:23


  1. I just read the scripture about Joseph yesterday, Lulu. Are we both using the 52-Week Bible Study? Wouldn't that be a coincidence!
    Yes, God has that uncanny way of turning evil to good, even when we can't see it or grasp it at that moment. He certainly did that with my recent illness, and I'm still reeling from the miracle He wrought within me. Honestly, my life in Him is changed forever and for the better.

  2. A friend just sent me this quote from her brother,
    "God never wastes a hurt."
    So thankful for your healing!


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