Have you ever had occasion to wonder the reason or possible good something happening to you can be?  We are told in The Word that God uses everything for His good purpose.  How in the world could this two year long pandemic be used by God?  I am certain, I do not speak just for myself, when I say I am sick and tired of all this.  Just about the time it looks like it is finally diminishing and life may be going back to normal (there is that illusive word again), a new variant arrives on the scene even more contagious than the last.  OH GOOD GRIEF!  Now it seems we all may sooner or later "get it".  It is sweeping the nation faster than the thrill over a stimulus check.  The question now seems to be not if, but when and how severe a case will you have.  HOW can God use this?  I do not have a clue, but I do know not only is He currently using it, but  when history examines it the long term consequences will be evident.  TRUST HIM!

 Today's devotional was a recap and discussion of Joseph's story which is another saga with long term consequences.  Back and forth the brothers went from their home to Egypt where the food was stored.  Hunger is the one thing that might keep you making that trip over and over.  The author of the devotional commented on what a great story teller the writer is.  "He draws out the agony. He speaks of the 'misery that would come upon my father'.  All the while, we the readers, know that Joseph is still alive and that through it all his dreams are being fulfilled."

Is it just me, or does it seem that Joseph might be jerking the chain of his brothers?  He has no intention of causing them any harm, but he is not going to let them off without a little suffering and grief.  He also was exploring their intentions and where their loyalties were.  Had they learned from their jealous pique which caused the impulsive decision to sell their brother?  Was his father still alive and well and what about his full brother-had they also harmed him?  Joseph is being careful and exploring his half brothers' intent.  Of course, he has great curiosity about his family.  "Joseph puts his brothers to the test.  Judah is a changed man. Joseph is 'deeply moved' and has to look for 'a place to weep.' "  History will prove to tell this story over and over.  God was giving us a glimpse of what He would do for us in the future.  Judah was willing to give his life to save the life of his brother and cause no distress to his father.  He was willing to make the sacrifice for those he loved so dearly.  A precursor to God's willingness to sacrifice His Son for those He loved so dearly to have life.  A beautiful example of how God works in the long term.

"And we know that for those who love God

all things work together for good,

for those who are called

according to His purpose."

Romans 8:28


  1. There are many examples in the Old Testament which point to the coming of our Savior Jesus. Joseph’s story among them. As always your writings inspire us to be better people and Christians.

    1. I have heard the entire Bible points to Jesus. It is difficult to argue with that.


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