We are headed to home plate in Small Group --finishing up our study of this book~

NOT my favorite Moore study, but in the next to last chapter, which I was charged with teaching (alternating chapters), there was that nugget of wisdom which redeemed the entire thing for me.  THAT is a subject for another blog--a GREAT nugget of wisdom--worthy of passing on.  OKAY--I am off track again!  Could I get an ADHD diagnosis to add to my OCD here!  I have a plethora of letters behind my name.  OOPS--off the subject again!

Speaking of redeemed---this leads me to redemption---follow along here I am in motion.  (See how I slipped that in there from out of the blue--LOOSE ASSOCIATION)  After the book addresses how Godly people get ensnared in the seduction of sin, it then speaks of repentance once you realize the hole into which you have fallen.  As the group discussed what true repentance looks like, we were drawn to her statement,

"If Had (name for sinner) has no fruit of repentance, he's just Had-he's still being had."  (That would be still sinning!)

What in the world is she talking about fruit of repentance?  We have all heard of the fruits of the spirit.


I will take a truck load of that every day.  BUT what in the world is a fruit of repentance?  Does it look like a banana, an apple, a grape--I need an explanation.

The book did not do a good job of explaining what those fruits are( in fact no job), so I researched it myself.  Turns out God addresses this in one of Paul's letters to the Corinthians.  Once I read this scripture, I was amazed how God so accurately describes how true repentance should look.  SO, My Friends, if we are still rationalizing what we have done or if we are busy manipulating the truth to cover up the dirt---we have not experienced repentance.

I could write a book on this---but let me give you the seven (there's that perfect number) fruits listed by Paul~

1.  Earnest Care (Earnestness)  -  Eagerly changing relational pattern and putting on new ways of relating to God and others.

2.  Eagerness to clear yourself

3.  Indignation (With Oneself)  Mourning sin and its consequences

4.  Alarm/Fear--Fear of God , Fear of consequences, & fear of falling back into sin.

5.  Longing- Desiring restoration and reconciliation

6.  Zeal/Concern- Passion for doing, thinking, & living right for God's glory.

7.  Avenging/Readiness to see justice done- Putting one's house in order.

NOW---if you think you have repented but not seen these fruits--time to think again.  HERE is the proof in the pudding~

"For Godly grief (sorrow) produces a repentance

that leads to salvation without regret,

whereas worldly grief produces death.

For see what earnestness this Godly grief

has produced in you,

but also what eagerness to clear yourselves,

what indignation,

what fear,

what longing,

what zeal,

what punishment.

At every point you have proved yourselves innocent in the matter.

II Corinthians 7:10-11


  1. I love how you've described the fruit of repentance, Lulu, by sharing Paul's advice. Perfect!

    1. It was a first time awareness for me, Martha of the fruits of repentance. Of course it makes perfect sense!


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