It is no secret that I am a prolific reader.  I might be guilty of reading even while the television is blaring across the room.  Whatever offering is on the television has not captured my attention enough to lure me away from my book.  I am NOT multi-tasking (seriously doubt that ever goes well).  I am reading with the television blaring and I am totally ignoring it.  Why don't I just turn it off?  The book has captured my attention and I am oblivious to the noise.  I learned to ignore background noise when both of my boys were drummers during their teen years.  They practiced in their room which was above the den.  I can totally turn it off in my head.


I have not done much fiction writing in my amateur attempts with the pen and paper.  The little I have done I learned one really interesting fact -the easiest characters to portray are those who are not so nice.  Who caught your attention---Scarlett or Melanie in Gone With The Wind.  You KNOW you loved to hate that saucy devious self serving Scarlett.  Think of the characters in your life.  Who do you spend the most time thinking about?  I would bet money it is not the dependable, sweet, trustworthy, serving, blessing.  WELL--unless you need something from them.  It is that thorn in your side--sticker in your foot--pain in your butt that is taking up the most space in your head.  The why's, the retribution, the analysis, --why perhaps even that hatred is occupying valuable thinking time.  We allow them to take up residence in our gray matter and occupy the top floor at times.  The ones that bug us the most---they become the center of our thinking.

Where did this come from?  My sweet friend who helps me process my deepest thoughts recently gave me a quote I have been hashing over.

"Being angry at someone makes you a character in their story."


TODAY--several days after writing this, I read this in my daily devotional.  God Nudge # 2

"Holding a grudge is like allowing someone to live rent free in your head.

 OH YEAH---we are being told to stop and think it over.

There have been times in my life that I have pleaded with God to take my anger which I did not seem able to release.  I KNOW how negative anger at someone else can be.  I know it allows the very one who wronged me to maintain some control over me by capturing my thoughts.  I have NEVER thought about the fact that it makes ME a character IN THEIR STORY OR THEY ARE SQUATTING IN THE SPACE IN MY HEAD.  If for no other reason, that is reason enough to "Let it go".  And Forrest---"That's all I've got to say about that."

"Let go of anger

and leave rage behind!

Don't get upset-

it will only lead to evil.

Psalm 37:8


  1. I've never looked at it this way, Lulu, as becoming a character in someone else's story when we hold a grudge against them, but it makes so much sense. Same thing about the "bad" person living rent free in our head. Shouldn't be allowed!

    1. I am learning new things everyday, Martha!


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