I try NOT to complain much about my aches and pains, but sometimes when they pop their ugly head up they inspire me.  

 As I put my feet on the floor every morning after stretching them, the question is always is it going to hurt--and how bad and where.  Today it was slow going, but I quickly warmed up.  It is a steady rain here today, but the wonder dog has to have his walk.  After putting on all my rain gear, we head out in the steady peppering.  I do not get to the end of my drive before I have an excruciating pain in my bad foot.  I keep going thinking it will work its way out and get better.  It does not get better, in fact I am noticeably limping and practically dragging my foot behind me.  Hero senses my misery and slows down, but he is NOT going home until he has made his round and done his business.  I am beginning to wonder what I am going to do when it occurs to me--PRAY!  Most of us do not want to bother God with the little things.  We feel as if we should save up our points and only lift those prayers for the really biggies.  We like to think "WE" can handle the small stuff.  NEWS FLASH---God is in the minutiae of our lives too.  He is unlimited in His power, in hearing His people calling, and is pleased when we give Him even our smallest of problems.

I started praying.  Within a very few steps, the horrible pain left--completely.  NO MORE PAIN.  NOW--does God give us a Yes in answer to every prayer--NO.  He does like to remind us that He hears even our minor pleas and always answers---yes, no, wait--but He answers.  Had that pain NOT left, there would have been a good reason for it continuing.  Faith comes in trusting that God tells us no or wait for a good reason. 

OVER and over I have seen God answer my prayers in my life.  He has faithfully provided what I needed, He has healed my pains and injuries, He has been by my side---every step of the way.  He is pleased when I talk with Him and even when He has answered "No", I come to understand it was for my own good.  God faithfully hears our prayers---EACH AND EVERY ONE--He is listening for us and delights in our giving Him our burdens.  Our greatest burden is never too great for our loving God to take on.  He is our provider- Jehovah Jireh.

"Therefore I tell you,

whatever you ask in prayer,

believe that you have received it,

and it will be yours."

Mark 11:24


  1. Believe that you have received it . . .
    Yes, Lulu, big prayers or small, God hears us and answers, even if that answer is "no."


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