What are we doing in the moments God says "Wait?"  Those moments do not go unnoticed by God, and can still be used to accomplish God's perfect timing for His purposes.  Moses is such a wonderful example of "wait".  Fortunate enough to be rescued by an Egyptian princess and raised as a member of the royal household, we think it cannot get any better.  The next thing we know Moses has fled from his past and has landed smack dab in the middle of family of Jethro. (Read the controversary of who was really Moses' father in law-fascinating)

Moses tended sheep for 40 FORTY years before God appeared in the Burning Bush to send Moses back to Egypt to rescue His people.  PEOPLE THAT IS A LONG WAIT.  Why Moses must have been planning on cashing in his IRA and living the good years of retirement by then.  BUT GOD---had a different plan.  The forty years were not a waste---Moses had a family, Moses prospered, and Moses tended the sheep.  Life was good, but God was not finished.

SO 40 years in Egypt before having to flee, 40 years of tending sheep, and THEN God is ready to use him for a long hike in the wilderness of 40 years.  80 years of wait--and at the perfect time, God uses Moses to rescue His people and lead them to the promised land.  SO all my fellow golden agers, do not be surprised when God places a ministry opportunity before you.  His timing is not our timing and His timing is always perfect.

I read this scripture today---and it confirms that God will be with us, sustain us and see us to the completion of the work He has for us.

"David also said to Solomon is son,

'Be strong and courageous,

and do the work.

Do not be afraid or discouraged,

for the Lord God,

my God is with you.

He will not fail you or forsake you

until the work for the service of the temple

of the Lord is finished.' "

I Chronicles 28:20


  1. God's timing is definitely not ours, but it's the most rewarding, Lulu. When He calls, we need to be willing to answer Him in a positive and faith-filled way.

    1. And that only happens if we are listening for Him, Martha.


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