WHY does it amaze me that God continues to teach me?  I strongly believe as long as we take a breathe and continue to seek Him, He will honor us by revealing Himself to us.  

We have all know people who seem to always think about how anything they might do will impact them.  Self serving motivation is their consideration for any act of kindness or benevolence on their part.  How will this benefit me?  Will this serve to heighten my reputation, will I receive more in benefits than what I put out ...on and on.  The age old narcissist question of 

rears its ugly head.

Recently God enlightened me to something I had never considered before.  Even when the narcissist is acting in anticipation of gain, God is still using them to accomplish His purpose.  We all know what man intends for evil God can us for His good.  BUT, take it a step further, God can use even our most self centered moments to remind us of His good plans for us.  That totally changed my attitude about the motivation behind any good deed.  I will never look at it again as "Why did they do that?" and were they motivated because of what they would gain.  I will remember EVERYTHING can be used by God for His Good Plan---even our character flaws.  Once again God has taken me off the judgement seat and reminded me HE is the God of the Universe the Righteous Judge.  It is NOT up to me to question, but instead to accept what it allows to play out.  I am slowly learning---and He is faithfully teaching.

"You shall give to him freely,

and your heart shall not be grudging 

when you give to him,

because for this 

the Lord your God will bless you

in all your work

and in all that you undertake."

Deuteronomy 15:10


  1. Wow, I hadn't thought about it in that way, either, Lulu, until you pointed it out here. The motive is not the bottom line, but accomplishing God's will is everything!

  2. Thanks for the reminder that God can use anything and everything for His purposes. Nothing thwarts His plans ...


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