My best veterinarian ever-- Dr. Davis--not only took care of my pets, but also was known to impart wisdom upon me a time or two.  (Like me he is retired and enjoying his grands)  I distinctly remember two specific nuggets he put on me while tending to the furry family members.  His clinic was on the route I often ran during my years of running the roads and trails.  He told me, "I have never seen a smile on your face when I pass you running.  Why do you run?"  WELL NOW---in hind sight---keeping in mind today's aches and pains from overuse (I never do anything half way)  maybe I should have been walking or certainly running fewer miles.  The best thing about running was finishing today's run.  THAT gave me a great feeling of accomplishment!  The feeling of accomplishment and the camaraderie of fellow runners made the pain all worth while.  But the act of running ---was work and sometimes sheer torture unless I got in a zone (very seldom).

I am smiling in this photo--it was taken BEFORE the run began-LOL!  During that day's run through some of the local neighborhoods, we ran by a group of children out in their front yard watching all the runners go by.  One child yelled, "That's the old lady who volunteers at our school."  I was the only volunteer in the group---SIGH!  What WOULD THEY SAY if I ran by today??

The other nugget of wisdom came when I took "Tibby" in for a check.  Tibby was a "Little Crazy" as he bit everyone but me if you got into his space.  When we went for a vet check, he had to be muzzled or he would tear into them--all 10 pounds of him.  One particularly stressful visit, the vet announced, "You know they act just like their owners."  I was speechless.  I couldn't remember every biting anyone!  OR was I guilty of using my mouth to bite in a more subtle manner?  Did I use verbal bombs to lash out?  IN the name of joking was I actually inflicting harm on the recipient?  Our words have so much power--it has taken me decades of life to learn to choose them carefully.  I am practicing keeping my mouth shut--everyday.  As Momma taught me, "If you can't say something good, say nothing at all."  Wise words!

"Kind words are like honey-

sweet to the soul

and healthy for the body."

Proverbs 16:24


  1. I wish I had a dollar for every time my mother gave me the same advice, Lulu.

    1. Our wise mothers ❤️


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