Amazing how many songs I have stored away in the gray matter.  I cannot remember why I walked into a room, but a song from 1966 immediately bubbles to the surface when I think about being barefooted.  All my peers--your welcome for this reminder.

Most children enjoy the experience of shucking their shoes in the summer.  After months of having your feet confined in your brogains,

your feet were set free for a summer of either no shoes (barefooted) or sandals.  Flips flops came along somewhere in my teens.  Those flip flops--though still popular today--consisted of a thin foam pad with plastic straps.  Not bare feet---but pretty darn close to it.  Those were the days when you feet became tough from walking around sans shoes all summer long.  The skin begins to thicken and your soles begin to harden from daily exposure to the perils of the ground.  Stickers, rocks, roots, sharp objects, various insects, hard surfaces...all could inflict harm when stepped on.  BUT then there was that wonderful feeling of the soft carpet of grass, a wonderful sandy beach on the lake or shore, a cool stream with squishy mud between your toes...  As with many things in life--there is the good and bad to be enjoyed or endured.

Summers were filled with freedom from confining clothing.  Three wonderful months of shorts, tee shirts, and no shoes unless we were required to "dress" to go to "town".  There were exceptions to summer dress and "town" and "church" were two.  Take off your shoes and put on your play clothes for June, July and August.  Come September your toughened feet would once again have to adjust to the confinement within those leather coverings.

Shoes are not all bad (some women love shoes) and not all good.  Personally I never go without shoes.  They are just shoes---a covering for our feet to protect and shield them.  The Word tells us our sandals are part of our spiritual armor-the Gospel of Peace.  The foundation upon which we stand in the sure knowledge of what Jesus has done for us.  We never should walk out the door without our Gospel of Peace in who we are in Christ firmly strapped on.  The foundation upon which we walk through life.  

"and, as shoes for your feet,
having put on the readiness given by the
gospel of peace."

Ephesians 6:15


  1. I love bare feet in the summertime. Every morning, I go out and wander around the yard, that wet dewy grass, it's just satisfying. I don't just wander, I maintain the pool and check the garden and the flowers. I remember those days of childhood when my feet would toughen up, now I'm wincing just stepping on the occasional sharp stone in the driveway. I love love love summer days...

  2. Because we lived in the south, and my Yankee mother was sure there were hook worms around every corner, my brother and I were forced to wear tennis shoes when we went outside. I do have fond memories of going barefoot at the beach, though - the only exception! Ironically, my daughter hated shoes, kicking them off every time she came home from school, etc. Virginia also loves going barefoot whenever possible.
    Great analogy, Lulu!

  3. Mom and Dad didn't like us to go barefoot either. Flip-flops were a good compromise--at least the soles of our feet were protected. No injuries from rocks, broken glass, etc. Praise God our "gospel-of-peace shoes" protect us from any harm the enemy might place in our path! I agree with Martha above, Lulu: great analogy!


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