One favorite summer time activity happens in the swimming pool.  It is FAR too hot to be outside---UNLESS you are in the water.  Even then we have to work at keeping the water from becoming bath temperature.  The solution when I was growing up was to run cool water from the hose into the pool.  The filtering system circulated that cool water and cooled it off nicely.  Today #1 Daughter's family pool has a fountain which helps air cool the water AND a chiller.  Now that is a turn from the normal, instead of warming water up---we are cooling it down.  All for the sake of a cool dip.

The other end of the spectrum is they have a heater to warm the water up so they can swim year round.  What a world we have created!

NOT to be outdone, son # 2 and his wife got creative during the pandemic.  This may look like a cow trough to those of us who have raised farm animals, but they have created a pool--via filtration system.  The water circulates and is covered by the sun reflecting cover.  It serves them well to provide a dip in the cool water AND it was inexpensive.  American ingenuity at its best!

AND then there is son #1 whose family lives on Lake Austin.  They have a HUGE swimming pool with constantly running water courtesy of the Colorado River.  There is never a problem taking a cool dip, but heating the water during off season is not feasible.

We seem to have a family who is obsessed with the water.  That is not a bad thing.  Perhaps it goes back to floating around in the dark warm recesses of our mother's womb?  Whatever the reason, water is necessary for life to continue.  I see a coming issue for those who have water and those who do not.  The bottom line is the lack of water is life threatening.

Perhaps this is why The Word uses water symbolically so often.  "Living Water", "Fountains", "Streams", "Wells" ... on and on reference after reference of water is in the scripture.  God is teaching us the importance of Him and His Gospel Message by giving us an example we can understand.  NOW all we have to do is take heed.

"With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation."

Isaiah 12:3


  1. I remember how much fun we had growing up with a pool next door. Our neighbors were so very generous in allowing us to use it.
    Living water does remind us that we will all thirst until we find the Lord and accept Him into our hearts!
    Blessings, Lulu!

    1. Such an important concept in The Word, Martha!


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