Summer is over---well according to my recent post.  My blog break was interesting, informative, restful, restorative, & a time of change.  In an effort to not overwhelm, ramble, or confuse, I will limit what we discuss in a session.  Today I will speak on the social media break I took and what I learned from it.

I vowed to take a break from all social media all summer while limiting the time I spent blogging.  It was eye opening to say the least.  

The first few days I found myself drawn to my devices wondering what was going on in the world.  It did not take long to realize the news I was normally reading on line was one sided.  What we read on social media is one man's opinion of their interpretation of facts.  Real news always reports the facts without bias.  Even in social media, which is normally about a microscopic event in the huge world we live in, things are not always as they are reported.  I had begun to count on my devices to keep me informed, without always questioning the motives of the reporters.  I began to see the events differently, when instead of relying upon devices to keep me informed, I was informed by word of mouth.

NOW--in all fairness--I missed giving Birthday greetings, the opportunity to pray for those I would not normally cross paths with, and the cute photos of those we love.  For those of you who love to post your travel photos, less is more.  I might stop and look at one fantastic picture, but I seldom look at an entire album.  Same thing with weddings, parties, family reunions, etc.; those who are in the photos or were present look at all your photos, but the rest of us usually skim them at best.  Spending precious time posting all of your latest photos might be overkill.  Due to the fact I was off social media, unless I saw you and had a conversation with you, I do not know the trips you took, the parties you attended, or any of the other day to day facts of your life.  Life kept marching on--even without me having that update. Not unlike a few short years ago when we did not all stare at our devices endlessly.

I am rambling--sorry!  To be more concise---this break has called into serious question how much time I spend looking at these electronic wonders.  Is this time well spent (precious limited time)?  I am interested in the highlights of your life, but would prefer to have a one on one conversation about the details.  If I am staring at a screen--SOLO---am I building a relationship or am I nosy?  Has the advent of the WWW caused us to withdraw from up close and personal in favor of the remote and removed scrolling of the screen?  Have we adopted handheld devices and made them our best friend in lieu of holding hands (metaphorically) in a one on one--up close and personal--live time conversation.

Social Media can be good--in limited quantities.  I have taken a vow to look at my screen once a day only and then for a limited time.  If I really need to know something, someone will tell me and I should not feel like I might be missing out by not staring at the small screen.  It is not unlike what television did over the years to my children's generation.  We have forgotten how to converse in favor of  being entertained.  Sadly those evening front porch chats are a long lost memory of the good old days.  We are a fast paced, over booked world that has forgotten the importance of close relationships which require time and energy to develop.  We have evolved into a world of acquaintances--many times via social media only.

I AM NOT preaching to you---I am writing what I intend to do with what I have learned.  It will hold me accountable to have it in writing.  There are other changes I intend which we will talk about in the days to come.  For Day One--I will be seriously limiting my time on social media.  I much prefer to have a few really close relationships than to spend hours looking at hundreds of posts on line.  I want to really know you--not just what you choose to post on line.  If you see me staring at a screen---PLEASE call my hand on it.  Time is a precious resource--I need to use it wisely.

"So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom."

Psalm 90:12


  1. Welcome back my friend, my neighbor, my fellow struggler.

  2. this is so good, Lulu. when we step away, life seems fuller, calmer, more productive. i'm trying to figure out a few things right now as we move into fall. your observations are so spot on.

    happy weekend to you!


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