Poor Hero (have I said Poor Hero enough that you now think that is his name?) is having stomach issues.  He woke me up almost every hour last night needing to go out.  It was a LONG night, but I could not help and feel sorry for him.  He cries to go out and does this smacking thing which the vet told me is a sign of stress.  He obviously is in distress as every trip was urgent.  I have run up and down those stairs enough to meet my cardiac goal for the next month.  NO---I am not going to give you a running commentary on Hero's bout of stomach issues, although there was nothing Momma liked to discuss more than bowel habits---WHY???.  Today's blog came from something I said to him (yes, I talk to the dog) during all the up and downs.  I told him ~

  AND the wheels started turning---Where does hope come from?

Are we born with hope?  I think not.  Hope is learned with experience.  Hero has a wonderful vet here in Fort Worth and we are scheduled to see her soon.  I have great hope in her "doctoring" him based upon my past experience with her.  He is old, like his owner, but he still has pep in his step.  I am hopeful that she will determine the cause and get us back to normal.  (Side note--do dogs get IBS?)  SO my history with the vet, the marvels of modern medicine, and optimism  have given me hope.

When I am dealing with my allergies, I have hope for a better tomorrow based upon my history.   In time the allergens will disappear (if it is seasonal), the Benadryl does lessen the symptoms, and it is not terminal.

I have hope the current wars will end.  History is filled with wars that ended which gives me that hope.

I have hope that cooler days are coming.  My memories of past autumns tell me the cool weather will come.  Even when it is the end of October and still in the 80's---I know based upon past experience the cool weather is around the corner, and I am thankful it is no longer triple digits daily.

SO much of hope is learned by past experience which gives us cause to think there is a better day coming.  Hope is a wonderful thing to cling to---even in the worst of circumstances.  It gives us the courage to face difficult days--knowing it can get better.

As I mulled this over---I, of course, began humming the words to the old hymn~

"My hope is built on nothing less

than Jesus' blood and righteousness."

How many sweet Sunday evening services especially was this proclaimed by the Saints?

 I base my hope on my faith---and my faith is based upon personal experiences---and the sure and certain knowledge of Who God is.  Through Jesus only---there is always hope for a tomorrow.

"But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.

They will soar on wings like eagles;

they will run and they will run and not grow weary,

they will walk and not be faint."

Isaiah 40:31


  1. I do hope Hero gets to feeling better for the sake of both of you, Lulu! It's no fun having a sick pet, that's for sure.
    And hope springs eternal in the human breast, especially when we are holding fast to Jesus. We can't do without either.
    Blessings, and give Hero a little hug from me!

    1. We are going to the vet and see what she thinks. It may be old age---we both are getting old, Martha!


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