As I sat down to write today's random post (for who knows when the spirit will hit me next), I discovered a draft I wrote back in early August, but never published.  MY BAD!  SO--if you care to read what I was thinking two months ago--and heavens know it is a moving target---here you go.  NOW to see if I can remember what I proposed to write about today and get it down on paper. 

I am beginning to see distinct signs of the impending annual migration of the collegiate masses.  On my morning stroll through the surrounding neighborhood filled with the latest trend in college housing, the multi level - multi bedroom-bath-with one shared living space, I noticed the appearance of a few of those rent- a -truck or trailer vehicles backed up to the front doors unloading.  In a few short weeks, my quiet summer will come to a screeching halt as the students roll into town with pockets filled with money and ready to party.  GROAN!  Now don't get me wrong, I do enjoy seeing the fountain of youth, but the noise created by the waterfall of energy can be slightly annoying to say the least. (YES--I AM AN OLD GROUCH!)

I am still traumatized when I think of #1 Daughter's college years and the FOUR moves this entailed.  The stories I could tell!  A wiser mother would have realized this was the warm up to her next six moves including a sojourn to Pennsylvania and back.  

WELL, I have always said I have a steady diet of eating my own words and NOT to be outdone I have achieved nomad status myself over the past dozen years.  I am now completing my sixth move. For all you mathematically challenged that is an average of a move every two years!  IT'S A LONG STORY!  I have become quite the experienced mover--without having that as a game plan.  Seriously--it was quite un-intentional and some days I am left to ponder how this happened.  I never dreamed I would obtain nomad status in the final chapters, BUT IT HAPPENED!

As I was thinking this over this morning while walking "The Old Man" (plenty of time to think as he sniffs EVERY blade of grass), I thought of God's Chosen People--perhaps one of the first to achieve nomad status.  As they left Egypt, were they thinking, "Oh, we will wander around for a few decades and then settle in our new place?"  Something tells me they had NO CLUE what was coming.  They knew where they had been was no longer an option, they certainly wanted to return "home", but they had NO IDEA the circular route it would entail.  BUT GOD---used even this hardship--by proving His faithfulness in being provider, protector, and the great architect of "ALL THINGS WORKING FOR OUR GOOD."  Are we willing to consider that even in the midst of confusion, chaos, and uncertainty God has His hand on us.  HE will use each and every circumstance for our good and HIS good purpose! THANK GOD FOR THAT!

"So, it's paramount that you keep the commandments of God, your God,

walk down the roads He shows you and reverently respect him.

God is about to bring you into a good land."

Deuteronomy 8:6-7

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  1. It's wonderful to see you back in Blogland, Lulu! I, for one, have certainly missed your always-insightful posts. Hope you will visit me soon!


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