My daily devotional on gratitude was entitled ~"For Things We Take For Granted". (I wrote this a week ago--always writing ahead)   NOW she has hit a nerve---for truly I don't spend a great deal of time even thinking about the things I take for granted.  Here is how she began after a couple of thought provoking quotes~

"Everything I used and consumed and enjoyed before 8am this morning was a luxury. Water. Plumbing. Shoes. Heat. Love. Clothing. Freedom. Health."

WHOA!  NEVER stopped to think about that!  If we spent one day----consciously thinking about what we are doing, have, thinking, and on and on and perhaps even made a list as she did would it be a huge eye opener?  We could all publish a book of gratitude from ONE DAY!  It is mind boggling to think it over as I hear the washing machine--filled with clothes which I love wearing (comfortable)---I think about how this all came about---from the years of inventing and improving to  having today's washer which washes per your instructions, to the water which flows from the pipes--to the detergent which is specifically formulated for those with allergies, to the power that is delivered to run the machine.  The list has begun to grow with the five minutes it took me to load and turn on the washer.  If we then took each and every part of our day and mulled over all that happened, so we could enjoy that blessings, I promise at the end of the day---if you bother to write it down--you will have your first book.  ONE DAY!

The author's words are far more eloquent than any I could offer to end this missive~

"I believe that gratitude is the spark for other beautiful things  sharing, serving, loving, inviting, caring, sacrificing, empathizing, softening, reaching.  Gratitude is a heart posture that is open and humble and very tied to sharing and giving.  We cannot possibly be grabby when we are grateful.  We are hands open and heart open and lives open.  What if today, just today, we whispered Thank You for each thing we take for granted?  Maybe we will look a little bit crazy, but wouldn't you rather be crazy and grateful than sane and entitled? "  Amy Seiffert "Choosing Gratitude" The Bible App

Perhaps speaking gratitude over everything is a lofty goal--break it down---take an hour---be grateful and feel God's amazing blessings.

"In everything give thanks;

for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

I Thessalonians 5:18


  1. Our daily blessings would, indeed, fill a large book, Lulu. May we stretch our gratitude attitude to the max!


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