I seem to be on the subject of Hero this week.  He is my constant companion, BUT Hero can be as stubborn as a mule!

Fortunately, since he only weighs 10 pounds, I can snatch him up and point him in the direction I think we should go.  After a few steps, he normally settles back into the walk and enjoys sniffing every blade of grass in our path.

In my former Ruston neighborhood, I had a neighbor I met almost every morning and some evenings walking his dog, Chase.  The owner was a giant of a man and the sight of him walking his 5 pound (or maybe less) Yorkie always made me grin.

My nickname for Chase (I am well known for nickname giving) was "Yapper".  He would start yapping at us as soon as he spotted us.  The one thing he and Hero shared was a lack of size recognition.  They both would go after whatever dog was in their path--no matter the size.  Chase's owner had a great solution that always gave me a laugh.  Chase was walked on a halter and when he was pulling to "get at" whatever his current target was his owner pulled him up into the air.  He dangled--mid flight until the enemy had been passed.  Stop a moment and consider this sweet neighbor who looked like an offensive lineman holding this tiny dog in the air as they walked by.  You would laugh too!  The Yapper never gave up and still lunged for his target---KNOWING he was going to be left dangling.

How many of us end up dangling when we stubbornly seek our will and desires--even when we know they are not the best choice for us?  When we pray for God's will to be done in our lives, and still insist upon heading off into our own direction~~~sometimes we end up dangling.  We are left in mid air to consider our choices and where the desire for those choices are coming from.  Who are we allowing to hold the lead?  Are we guilty of having to be snatched up short or pulled up to a dangle?  OR are we willing to follow the lead of The One who has our best interest as His motive?  

"Show me thy ways, O Lord;

teach me they paths."

Psalms 25:4


  1. When we forsake the guidance of Jesus, we truly are left dangling, without direction or a rudder. Great analogy here today, Lulu!

    1. Wish I had made a photo of the dangling dog- he truly was out of control.


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