Once again---we have the opportunity to pause and reflect on the great bounty of our numerous  blessings.

The opportunity to gorge ourselves until we are miserable---and then go back for more--knowing there are many who are alone, hungry, and in desperate circumstances.

The time with family---to laugh, and play and remember our shared history---and then become aggravated when someone brings up a point of contention or sits in the corner sulking  or refuses to contribute to all it takes to make this day a success---knowing there are many who have no family, many who are estranged from family, many who are sick and weary, and many who work today so that we might enjoy-- or not-- our time together.

The time to pause and reflect on the numerous blessings which rain down on us daily--even when we are sick and tired of the mess the politicians have allowed this country to become---even though we complain about inflation, bad traffic, poor service, the next generation, old age, and perhaps even what someone else has that we covet--or maybe we  just do not want them to have more.

The time to speak with God acknowledging Who He is and our gratefulness for all we enjoy---even though we are asking for more in the next breath---and pleading for our plan to be His plan---and for Him to hurry and take our suffering, our desperateness, our anxiety, our pain---knowing that He is always present--even when we have made a mess--even when we are whining--even when we are malcontents.  He loves us still.

So much to be thankful for---praying I slow down and take a moment to pause and reflect--even when the kids complain about going around the table to name one thing you are grateful for--insist they take the time and verbally name one thing--so at least for a moment they will pause and reflect.



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