As I am writing this there is instrumental Christmas Music being played by Alexa.   I like Alexa most of the time since she obeys my orders, but occasionally she gets a little sassy.  She should know by now, I will get the last word.  What a powerful and wonderful gift music is to all of us.  Surely even the hardest heart can be softened by some nostalgic tune.  In my older years, I find tears springing up when I listen to certain songs.  The memories attached to the songs are often sweet and sometimes a reminder of days gone by.  The emotional chord struck by memories cascading through my head is a sweet reminder of a long life filled with emotional notes which always play a sweet opus of life.

The first Sunday of Advent was the Sunday the Christmas Cantata was presented by the combined choirs and orchestra of my Fort Worth church.  It was a wonderful combination of young and old voices in mostly familiar Christmas music.  In my personal opinion, there is nothing like the Carols which have been sung for decade upon decade--tying us all together in the celebration of the birth of The Messiah.

What must it have been like--that first Christmas as the sky filled with angels and that very first Cantata was sung?  OH--GLORIOUS DAY!

"Suddenly, many angels appeared,

singing praises to God

'Glory to God in the highest heaven,

and peace on earth 

to those with whom He is pleased.' "

Luke 2: 14-15

Wishing you echoes of this glorious music as you celebrate the Birth of The Babe.


  1. Music certainly allows visions of memories dancing in my head, Lulu. How I would have loved to have heard that first cantata sung by the angels, too!


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