I can truthfully say the only time in my life when I was more delighted to receive than give was when I was a child.  I can still cringe, all these decades later, when I reflect upon my attitude of selfishness.  Perhaps, if I dig deep enough, the greed was a reflection of the non-material things I was missing.  I still had not learned things will never replace the void of  emotional needs.

More than likely, I finally learned the lesson of the joy in giving when I had children.  What great fun Christmas was when Santa still visited.  There was no need for credit, there was the magic of the child's wonder when Santa had visited and left their heart's desire.  What fun those early Christmas mornings were!  NOW Christmas is NOT all about the gifts---but hang in there with me.

We all have a special friend who is unfailingly thoughtful and generous.  Never arriving at your door without something really special in their hands.  Undeserved---unsolicited--and received with great joy.  The simple act of even a small gift reminds us we are seen, heard, and appreciated.  Do we not all crave ---have a deep need for recognition?  A small token can go a long way in physically reminding us we are loved.

I greatly enjoy giving gifts and really try to figure out what I know about the recipient's likes.  It is such a rewarding experience to hit a home run when giving a gift.  Seeing that sheer delight as the gift is opened is all the gratitude needed.  Perhaps we have trouble receiving gifts, because of the abundance in our lives---but I far more enjoy giving than receiving.  For some reason there is almost an embarrassment to having the spotlight turned on me when receiving a gift.  Perhaps knowing I am being watched for my response and not wanting to disappoint, I feel as if any gift is unmerited and no matter my response it will be inadequate.  I could probably spend hours in therapy over this one.

BUT--that first Christmas when the magi appeared---they had gifts in hand.  Considering the situation, I am not certain Mary understood or truly appreciated those gifts.  Most new mothers need rest, food, comfortable surroundings, and someone to hold the baby.  What must Mary have thought over about those valuable gifts and how did she receive them?  Once again----what we are speaking of attitude.

SO---Christmas is almost here---I pledge to leave my self-consciousness behind---get over myself and receive with a grateful heart those gifts with my name on  them.  I do love to give---and I am ready---and have had a great time planning for gifts that will be loved and used, but I will also receive with l will receive with a heart filled with gratitude.  My prayer for us all is that we can remember what is important as we celebrate Christmas and keep the rest in perspective as we reflect upon the greatest gift ever---born on Christmas Day.

"It is more blessed to give than to receive."

Acts 20:35

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  1. The greatest gift of all time, now and forever.
    Merry Christmas, Lulu!


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